Starting Dot Passed The 10,000-Domain Threshold

newgtldiStarting Dot, the registry operator for new generic top-level domains (new gTLD) .BIO, .ARCHI & .SKI, announced that the company has achieved a milestone for a young registry operator in the gTLD space: this week its two available gTLDs .BIO and .ARCHI passed the 10,000 registrations milestone after eight months of operation.

“We are proud to say that in only eight months we have managed to secure over 10,000 registrations in our new top-level domains”, said Starting Dot director Godefroy Jordan. “The response from the global domain name industry for our new domains has been overwhelming and we are truly humbled that registrants are selecting .bio and .archi as their next generation web address of choice.”

“Another fantastic milestone is that over 50% of registrations actively resolve to relevant TLD pages and websites, beating industry predictions and proving that .BIO and .ARCHI attract committed, quality registrants. The quality of Starting Dot zone is extremely important for the future health of the company TLDs and Starting Dot is committed to increasing its investment in marketing activities in relevant communities where its TLDs provide most value.”

“As the frantic rate of gTLD launches decreases, the time has come for registrars to consider how to begin attracting new customers in relevant TLD sectors. Starting Dot live (.ARCHI, .BIO) and soon to be launched TLDs (.SKI) provide registrars with the best opportunities for high-growth and high-margin sales supported by great marketing.”

“There are amazing opportunities for marketing collaborations available to registrar and business partners in 2015, to take advantage of the sales potential Starting Dot domains can bring.”

“The .ARCHI and .BIO domains are currently available in 59 countries worldwide through a network of 54 accredited registrars.”


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