NewYork.Cab Has A $11,500 Bid At Flippa But There Is A Catch

newgtldThe domain name NewYork.Cab is at auction at Flippa with 2 days left. There have been 41 bids already and the domain name has a $11,500 bid but things are not so simple as they seem. And this is the case with most new gtld auctions these days.

The seller has already $7,000 in the name. That is because this is a premium domain name with a registration and renewal price that is $1,000 per year.

The seller bought the domain name last year and then renewed it for another 6 years for a total of $7,000 investment.

This what he said in a comment:

Hi Guys
just FYI, i have renewed this amazing domain until March 2021, $6000 dollars value
(renewal is $1000 annually)

I checked some renewal prices for this domain and the cheapest I found it was $920. So far 3 bidders have made bids for $10,000 or more and the current price is at $11,500 but the reserve has not been met.

BTW was sold 15 days ago at Flippa for $1,000. That was also a $1,000 premium domain name. Fun fact: this was sold by the same seller as this domain.


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  1. Nice to hear this news. But my NewYork.Holiday has only USD 82 for renewal

  2. Why are people so stupid, the price will
    go down, it is not a good of domain as most think, sometimes the most obvious doesn’t always work, sort of long.

    Just shows you how much dumb money is out there, stop buying premium
    Domains in that range if your a domainer your going to get burned.

  3. There are quite a few domains in the $1000 – $3500 range I remember that went off during the first 6 months, it will be very interesting how the buyers renew those. GTLD’s are not getting many offers in regards to 4 figure range, it is tough to hold, and renew at those levels.

  4. He must be stupid as hell to pay for 7 years in advance.

  5. only time shows if he is the stupid one or you.

  6. stupid? his auction is at $12,500 dollars how is he stupid? he is making 5500 dollars *if he sells it right now

  7. $15,500 USD and still one day more .. amazing

  8. holy jesus, it is at 19k lol

  9. This kind of auctions are becoming ridiculous … they are like a race to see who is the most able guy to sell junk domains … and he has listed it on Afternic for 250,000 USD … at that price I think Archeo will be more than glad to sell their …
    This is so typical of bubbles … as I said many months ago, many people will lose their shirt when (soon) this frenzy will end with a big burst …
    good luck! lol 😀

    • i take anytime over , it is nicer and shorter

      • With regards to visual/artistic appeal, I also prefer new gTLDs over .com.

        With regards to resale value .com will be more, so will sell for way more than

        Look at artist like Kanye West registering both and but deciding to use and not using or even bothering to redirect More info at

        New gTLDs just look nicer visually, it will just take a few years for general public to learn about them.

      • I agree. It’s shorter and nicer to look at the logo NewYork.Cab

      • You and the other junk Gtlds cheerleaders (with vested interests) can buy whatever you prefer, it’s your money.
        Respect your view but I disagree.
        Keep dreaming with your bubble … wake-up call will be harsh … as always was.
        We don’t buy junk, that’s it. 🙂

      • yes because you cannot simply afford the price tag buddy.
        go stick with your 4 words .com

      • Actually it’s because I don’t like to waste money on overpriced junk pumped by some unscrupulous pitchman … you can keep it … lol 😀

        Furthermore, unless you I’m not anonymous and I don’t do pump-and-dump schemes on low quality domains … so pathetic … and predictable …
        I think smart readers can judge by themselves … 😉
        It’s all for me about this, good luck!

  10. It’s $19,000 now. Sounds good.

    This will boost my confidence on my NewYork.Gifts

  11. Kostas, you know i am rain dancing right now 🙂

    • You can list any domain you like at Flippa and guarantee a $23,000 bid tomorrow – provided the reserve is higher. Just create a second account or ask a buddy to place a bid.

      A $23,000 sale would be impressive. And maybe the bids were real; I’m not saying they weren’t. But bids … yawn … are meaningless.

  12. in my opinion 23k is nothing for this domain if he waits for few years i am sure it will go over 100k

  13. @Joseph

    Maybe time to stop trolling and be constructive ? 🙂 I used to like to follow the discussions here but the crying and whining of some people about new gtlds repeating like a broken record is just sad. Assuming these are adult people who work or run some business and expect others to take them seriously.

    • @Pax,

      I own close to 700 domains in the nTLDs. Renewed a batch of them yesterday, in fact. So when you imply that I’m “crying and whining … about new gTLDs” you’re simply delusional, my friend.

  14. @Joseph

    I don’t care how much you own. It’s just retarded the way you reply to some one and even more sad to see you’re calling me delusional for pointing out that your behaviour simply sux towards people. Typical a “keyboardcowboy” reply which is what i expected.

  15. @joseph , first of all , mind your own business, second , you are entitle to your own opinion, but you cannot say “I am right” and all of you guys are delusional
    just stick with your own game plan and enjoy the ride. only time shows what happens in the future.

  16. @john337,

    You are boxing against your own shadow. The things you object to didn’t even happen.

  17. I purchased the name has been pushed and Amir has been paid

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