Namejet Adds ‘Buy Now’ & ‘Bulk Deal’ Features

namejetNamejet updated its terms of use on the 3rd of December and it was mainly done to add a couple of new features.

The 2 new features are a “Buy Now” indicator that domain names can be listed with and what Namejet calls Jet Packs. Jet Packs are essentially packages of multiple domains that can’t be sold individually.

Here is how the new terms of use describe the two new features:

Buy Now: When a domain name is listed with an indicator to “Buy Now” then NameJet will, after receipt of payment from the buyer, send the buyer the EPP code that will enable the buyer to transfer the domain name to the registrar of the buyer’s choice. Buyer shall be responsible for handling the transfer and paying any applicable transfer fees to the registrar. A “Buy Now” transaction may be cancelled or suspended by NameJet at any time prior to the transfer of the domain name into the buyer’s account. If the transaction is cancelled, buyer will be refunded payment for the domain name.

Jet Packs: Domain names offered as a “JetPack™” are bundled and cannot be registered or paid for separately. Buyers of JetPacks pay one price for all of the domain names in the bundle.


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  1. Wonder if you need to transfer any domains you list over to Enom first, sounds like it if they are going to have an auth code in hand.

    • I think that if that was the case they would just push the domain into the buyer’s account.
      That was written exactly so you can list any domain at any registrar and just provide the auth code after the sale.

  2. I have bought domains from namejet that were listed at Goadddy before, but they required the buyer to transfer over to enom before closing sale. Was taking forever so was able to get a godaddy push.

  3. Interesting developments …

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