.HOST Releases 120,000+ Collision Domain Names

host.HOST has released a wave of over 120,000 new domain names for public registration today. These names were previously blocked in compliance with ICANN’s regulations on name collisions.

The latest launch comes after a 90-day “controlled interruption period” stipulated by ICANN, where registries were required to refrain from allocating all names included in a collision list. The collision list for .HOST was one of the largest amongst all new gTLDs and contained a large number of brand names, geographic names, generics, premiums and other valuable .HOST names.

Radix, the .host registry, calls this release Launch 2.0.

“Since its launch into General Availability in September this year, .HOST has enjoyed increasing popularity and adoption across the hosting industry with large hosting companies and entrepreneurs quickly registering and using their desired domain names.”

Leading hosting company BlueHost, as part of it CSR campaign promoted breast cancer awareness on their newly acquired domain www.Pink.host, all of October. James Grierson, COO at BlueHost commented, “We are extremely proud of our Pink.Host initiative, and it has indeed proven to be very successful! Obviously, we also wanted to acquire www.Blue.Host, and have finally been able to do so as part of Launch 2.0. We are super excited to start using this shorter, more memorable domain name going forward!”

Apart from BlueHost, .HOST also has an impressive lineup of Pioneer adopters that range from top global hosting companies to regional leaders, from the biggest industry news and review sites to affiliates and marketers.

Preparing for the Launch 2.0, Viram Lodhia, Category Manager for .HOST at Radix Registry commented, “There has been huge anticipation in the hosting community for Launch 2.0 and the wait is finally over! We are keen to continue driving global adoption and growth moving forward.”

Domain names in .HOST can easily be registered at www.Get.Host and are also available across all leading ICANN accredited domain name registrars, several of whom are currently running discounts and other promotions for Launch 2.0.


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