.NYC Surpasses .London In Domain Registrations & Is The Fastest Growing Extension

nyc.NYC surpassed .London in domain name registrations according to ntldstats.com. .NYC is ranked 8th today with 48,671 domains compared with .London that ranks 9th with 48,479 domains.

Actually .nyc is 3rd and .london is 4th if you take out extensions that have offered free domain names. Number 1 is .club and number 2 is .guru.

According to namestat.org .nyc surpassed .london a few days back but I was waiting for both websites to report this to be sure. Namestat.org reports 48,575 .nyc domains and 47,261 .london domains today.

.London entered general availability a month before .nyc (October 8th) but still .nyc managed to surpass it after less than a month. (November 3rd)

According to namestat.org .nyc is the fastest growing New gTLD extension with a 7 day average of 338 domain name registrations per day. .London is not in the top 10 and only has a 87 domain per day 7-day average.

A lot of .london and .nyc priority domain name auctions are still pending with auctions running at Pool and Snapnames. .London auction rules are ridiculous so auctions can last forever.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Most big auctions are over. A lot of nerves, but it paid off. My strategy worked, i was able to pick most of the names i wanted. Some for cheap, some for fair and some i paid full wholesale. It seems in first round a lot of bidders were cheap, while second round was fair priced as correction came in (they found prices of first round). Last round might be overpriced as people who didn’t win much might be getting desperate.

    Last round of auctions coming up, but most of them are nice to have. While in previous two rounds, there were a number of must haves for me.

    • what names did u get!?!?!


      • I cant say until end of auctions since i still have few in mind. After Thursday i can be more upfront. Lets just say, they might be worth a few pennies if .nyc keeps growing.

      • Besides i want to see if i get into Konstantinos next list 😉 for .nyc
        Dont want to spoil it before that.

      • Best New York I have seen so far. Looks like bought buy the Gray Line Empire. Would love to know the prices they went for.



      • since 2 minutes i am trying to understand is this list a ironic joke or serious .. please tell me

      • I am with you Royal, there is few good domains , but a lot of them are bad or too branding dependent or just squatting.

      • I was in the hospitality/tourism industry in NY for 10 years.

        these are words that are marketed non-stop to tourists.

        Double decker, hop on hop off, etc…

        If you are not in the space you wouldnt know.

        Some words are just good Broadway..etc…

      • Ya, i dont know much about industry. To be half looks good, the other half is brand squatting and too brand ables like Go Bus. But over all its solid as long as they gunning purely for tourism vertical they are set. Their best for me is Broadway Show , great generic one. Day Trips. Charters. HopOnHopOff is long, but could be strong brand able.

        City Sights might be trademark, if not , then its also solid.

        I dont like City ending for the most part, since its already .nyc . Instead of city its too easy to substitute Trip Experts or NY Experts. Over all, they have couple of good tourist specific names, bunch of brandables (which i consider weaker then generics for the most part). And a few really strong name

      • I see I see, and I like the doubledecker.nyc

        I was just a little bit surprised because you spoke about the best u saw so far ..

  2. “Actually .nyc is 3rd and .london is 4th if you take out extensions that have offered free domain names. Number 1 is .club and number 2 is .guru.”

    Just pointing out that technically .xyz is still #1 because even if you exclude all .xyz domains registered at NetworkSolutions it still has around 300,000 registrations. I wouldn’t discount it entirely from the rankings just because some of its ‘registrations’ were freebies.

    Sure, some of them were sold for $2, but they’re still legitimate, paid registrations.

  3. .xyz is a nonsense extension for unserious people.

    If I ever had interest in the extension it ceased with the PT Barnum antics.

  4. Did you guys see? http://domainnamewire.com/2014/11/03/michael-bloombergs-hilarious-nyc-domain-name-registrations/ His story got picked up by 4 major news channels. CNBC, AM new york, New york Post, and Business Insider .

    A non storry, is all over the media promoting .nyc indirectly.

    Glad domain industry research makes a big impact.

    I mentioned before, every time there is news about .nyc, media will jump on it. Because now its personal.

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