iWire.com Winning Bidder For $7,777 Tries To Sell The Domain Before He Pays For It At Snapnames

gtldsThe winning bidder of the iWire.com domain name is trying to sell the domain name before paying for it. The “buyer” won the domain in a Snapnames auction on the 19th of October for $7,777.

The domain is still showing as “Payment Pending” at Snapnames so the bidder has not yet send payment to snapnames. I know that it sometimes takes time to send the wire transfer that is required but I have a feeling that the funds will never reach snapnames.

So I got an email today, the 1st of November, with the subject “Re: electricalwire.com”. I know that a lot of spammers are using this method to sell their domains. They put a “re:” on the subject along with a domain name that you own. You open it thinking it is an inquiry for one of your domains only to find that there is someone selling his/her domain names. I sometimes open them to see what spammers are selling and what is their selling pitch.

This is the email I got today from Arun Davis and indianamango@gmail.com:

Hope you are doing well.
An exact match domain name is an essential part of doing business. I happen to notice a strong domain name you have.
I’d like to know if you would be interested in acquiring the domain name iWire.com
A great name like this can pay for itself many times over.
Good two word domain names are rare. iWire is among approximately 302 related names available for the world to share.
In today’s competitive market, a name like this could be a very useful tool to have, from marketing and strategic point of view.
Please let me know if you are interested.
With Best Regards
Nick Halden
*Great opportunities come at a cost


I think that this is best part of the pitch: “*Great opportunities come at a cost”.

The winning bidder’s Snapnames alias is “farzidaku” and he only made 2 bids. One for $7,166 and the one for $7,777 that was the winning bid. The loosing bidder was gn970. Michael Berkens also made a bid for $4,999. I would like to know what he thinks about this auction now.

If you know any of the 2 (bogus?) names in the email, the email address or the snapnames alias please let me know. I did a quick search and I only found that he has participated in other snapnames auctions but didn’t find a domain he has bought.

I replied to the email and asked what the price is. I doubt that I am going to hear back. Usually these deadbeats are very lazy.

These are the same people that will send similar emails while a domain is in auction. They are trying to get an offer before they actually bid on a domain so they are sure they are going to sell it. I have received many such emails and on a few I was already in the auction. So I didn’t know who I was bidding against and if anyone had already sold the domain and was driving the price up because of this.


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  1. Farzi Daku is Urdu/Hindi word which means Fake Robber. So in case if he fails to make payment than he will do what his bidding alias say so.

  2. Do you watch White Collar on TV? The main character, whois a fantastic forger and conman, uses the alias “Nick Halden” frequently.

  3. Damn, I was bidding against this guy for another domain, and I had to pay an extra $100 double the price of the domain 🙁

      • Well its as simple as

        If iwire.com has payment pending while he searches for buyer, and if he doesn’t find one, he may not pay for the domain.

        Therefore you could extrapolate that, had he won the auction for the domain i was bidding for and he couldn’t find an end user, then he would have not paid.

        I was the end user of the domain i was bidding for.

        Essentially if you put all the points together you could potentially conclude that I may have overpaid for the domain, because farzidaku would have never paid in the first place, though I am pretty sure you didn’t need to work that out for yourself farzidaku

  4. “The winning bidder’s Snapnames alias is “farzidaku” and he only made 2 bids. One for $7,166 and the one for $7,777 that was the winning bid.”…………How often do we overpay in auctions because of aliases? Why does the industry continue to allow aliases in auction platforms? Where is the bidder verification on these auction platforms?

  5. It is clearly unethical to sell something you don’t possess, or don’t have permission to sell.

    • Is the auction ethical? Let’s say Mr. John forgets to renew his name and find out on the 31st day that it is being auctioned. He wants to renew it. It was his name. But he can’t. Because it is being sold at a platform who, in some way, is “authorized” to sell it despite the fact that the name was never deleted and never released to public. Why do you think your NameJet names come with a 42-day lock?

  6. This has been going in for years, front running nothing new, godaddy same thing. All us suckers been overpaying for years. Guys like Berkens probably paid 6 figures in overages.

  7. Hello Sir,
    I just signed up. Interesting how I came across onlinedomain.com and even though I have quit MLMs, I signed up. It was an easy decision when money is not an issue and a great opportunity is staring at you right in your eyes. 🙂 Glad to be on.

  8. I just had “Indus Domains” via DNS contact me about buying this name. First it was an eMail from “Nick Halden” followed by a response from Jessica Spence of Indus Domains trying to pitch me the domain. I love to speculate… could “Nick” just be a front for Indus interests.

  9. Axsiom listed Amity.University domain for sale in fact its reserved domain

  10. @Everybody who has commented above:

    We won the auction for this name, and it was immediately listed for sale on our website Axsiom.com, and on various channels including newspapers. Wire payments for big auctions may take weeks to process, and whether the domain was paid for before we started promoting it is immaterial.

    Some people might disagree or not approve of it. But, for us, the moment we win an auction, the next minute the name is up for sale.

    • Weeks??? You are kidding, right?
      Nobody waits for weeks.

      Actually all people dissagre with you.

    • Hey Prakhar Agrawal Or Prakhar Bindal whichever one you choose to use today, you seem to not understand how commerce works, in order to bid, and purchase something you need to have funds in hand to pay for it. Maybe snapnames cut you a break, but they should know better, and you better believe some of their better customers will be asking them about you, and your 3 week wire transfers.

      Wire transfer from India to USA 3 business days chump!

  11. Also, it is interesting to see that most comments here are by people who are using aliases. Why not link to you real FB or Twitter accounts? (or maybe it is just 1 person posting multiple comments under different email IDs)

    • Please don’t compare a blog comment with a domain costing thousands of dollars.

      “(or maybe it is just 1 person posting multiple comments under different email IDs)”
      Nice joke.

    • Your “real” twitter account has 30,000+ fake followers like Deepti Siripurapu @d3fddeb7b688417 and Олег Селиверстов @y1laqysub230584.
      Maybe you want to unfollow these fakes like I did you. But I guess not, because you paid good money for that service.

  12. Konstantinos: This one is for you.

    Quoting your article above, “I did a quick search and I only found that he has participated in other SnapNames auctions but didn’t find a domain he has bought.”

    1. There is a reason you couldn’t find info on Google. Because bidding happens via aliases, and they are not posted on Google just like that for public to know who is who. Ever tried to Google an eBay alias?

    2. We have used just one alias on SnapNames, which is the current one reported here. And we have bought and sold hundreds of domain names through this alias. Just because you couldn’t find info on Google, you assumed a lot of things?

    3. Somehow the trend for domain blogging is now “Negative Reporting”. Check out any major domain feed, and every other article is about police-style reporting about who is doing what, and most content driven by personal feelings, rather than objective truth. Hope it changes soon.

    • 1. Most aliases can be found in Google as people are posting auction results.
      Of course I have and had a lot of luck doing it.
      2. I didn’t assume anything. I just don’t like your practice, selling a domain before you own it, and spamming everybody with an email address.
      3. The objective truth is that you don’t own the domain. Do you? AND that you are spamming everybody with fake names and multiple disposable/fake email addresses. The trend is that you are spamming everybody so someone is bound to write about you.

  13. LOL.. The entire sidebar section on Recent Comments is filled with by comments now. Seems like I am all set on the path to becoming a top commenter on this blog. 😀

  14. Axsiom has a reputation for spamming

  15. Did you pay yet?

  16. I recommend everyone go thru their emails, find the axsiom.com spam emails, cut, and paste the headers, and fwd the email to abuse@godaddy.com, or the corresponding register the domain resides at.

    The pig is a pest, he is not a domainer, just a rodent with a prepaid credit card, and godaddy coupon codes to his name. I have emailed my rep at Godaddy to look further into their spamming, suggest others do the same, let’s get them blacklisted.

  17. AS WELL…not only a spammer, but a SQUATTER

    Registrant Name: Prakhar Bindal
    Registrant Organization: Axsiom PLC
    Registrant Street: 8-3-230, Plot No 12, ICRISAT
    Registrant City: Hyderabad
    Registrant State/Province: Andhra Pradesh
    Registrant Postal Code: 500045
    Registrant Country: IN
    Registrant Phone: +91.9542000100
    Registrant Phone Ext:
    Registrant Fax: +91.9542000100

    WashingtonMutual’s lawyers would love to hear about your $10M asset base, when you are squatting on a typo of their brand. Hope you have a good lawyer!

  18. CorvusAircraft.com fake USA address, looks like a random house in NJ, not Axsiom offices?

    Registrant Name: Domain Admin
    Registrant Organization: Domain Admin
    Registrant Street: 100B Main Avenue Suite# 38345
    Registrant City: Elmwood Park
    Registrant State/Province: New Jersey
    Registrant Postal Code: 07407
    Registrant Country: United States
    Registrant Phone: +1.8555046387
    Registrant Phone Ext:
    Registrant Fax: +1.8555046387
    Registrant Fax Ext:

  19. I got a spam email this week from a Nick Halden trying to sell some crap .in domain using this email address


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