What Areas Of London Registered The Most .London Domain Names?

london-domains1&1 and Fasthosts registrars have produced an interesting heatmap of successful .London registrations and found that the City of Westminster, is the no.1 London borough for successful .London domain registrations (14 per cent).

Home to London’s West End, known for its theatres, shopping on Oxford Street, nightlight in Soho and tourist attractions such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, it really is no surprise that this prestigious borough came out on top.

In second place, London’s liveliest borough and the centre of one of the most infamous London markets, the Borough of Camden took home the silver award for the new domains (7.2 percent) although closely followed by the London Borough of Islington which had a 6.9 per cent share of .London domains Priority Period Registrations by 1&1 and Fasthosts.

Surprisingly, the East End and London’s tech savvy district, Hackney, came in 12th place (3.4 per cent).



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  1. Based on the two registrars tiny share of pre-registrations? Just the pre-registrations that the registry have finally got round to validating?

    Seriously – the fact that Minds and Machines still haven’t completed validation processes for pre-registrations should see somebody losing their job, particularly as numbers were so much lower than they expected.

    • I think that validation has been completed. Isn’t it?
      But the auctions are nowhere to be seen…

      • I mean the end to end processes. Those people who pre-registered should have known their position at general availability as the registry committed, so they could register alternatives before the competition. But no, the reward for early commitment is being put at the back of the queue.

      • You are right on this one.
        Validation and auctions should have been over way before general availability.
        I have some funds stuck at a registrar for weeks now and I don’t know what is going on.
        I bet I won’t get anything.

      • Brian, I don’t understand what you mean. I knew my status midnight on general availability. united domains delivered 9 of 18 pre-regs and go daddy delivered 3 of 10 something along those lines. Though I did not register any domains in the EAP

      • There’s your answer.

      • We are not talking about general availability but about the priority program.

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