ICANN Meeting 54 Scheduled for 18-22 October 2015 in Dublin, Ireland

ICANN intends to hold its third Public Meeting of 2015 in the Europe region. ICANN staff completed a thorough review of all proposed venues in Europe and finds the one in Dublin, Ireland to be the most suitable.

The Board Finance Committee reviewed the financial implications of contracting with the venue identified to hold the ICANN meeting in Dublin, Ireland, and agrees with the recommendation from staff.

ICANN Board approved Dublin, Ireland as the location of the ICANN 2015 Public Meeting from 18-22 October 2015, and authorized the President and CEO, or his designee(s), to take all actions necessary to hold the October 2015 ICANN Meeting in Dublin, Ireland.

As part of ICANN’s public meeting schedule, three times a year ICANN hosts a meeting in a different geographic region (as defined in the ICANN Bylaws). ICANN Meeting 54, scheduled for 18-22 October 2015, is to occur in the Europe geographic region. Based on the proposals and analysis, staff has recommended that ICANN 54 be held in Dublin, Ireland.


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