.Mail New gTLD Stopped By ICANN Indefinitely

The .Mail New gTLD was stopped by ICANN’s “Name Collision Occurrence Management Framework”. .Mail is the 3rd New gTLD after .Home and .Corp that was stopped by ICANN because of collisions. This is great news for Donuts and their .Email New gTLD that will not have to face the .mail competition.

Because of this framework ICANN is required to:

Defer delegating .MAIL indefinitely, and collaborate with the technical and security community to identify the best way to handle .MAIL (e.g. permanent reservation through the IETF process). The JAS Study and Name Collision Framework identifies .MAIL as exhibiting “prevalent, widespread use at a level materially greater than all other applied-for TLDs” and thus its prevalent internal use is likely irreversible.

There were some concerns raised by the community:

Concerns about the treatment of .CORP, .HOME, and .MAIL – Some of the public comments support the treatment of .CORP, .HOME, and .MAIL recommending in the JAS Study and Name Collision Framework, while others suggest that a final decision on this matter be postponed until a more comprehensive technical evaluation can be performed and a solution may be developed to allow for these strings to operate in the DNS.


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  1. In a perfect world, you’d think they would pull the plug simply because it’s yet another confusingly similar TLD. After looking it up, it seems like their issue is simply a technical issue, which means if they fix it, .email and .mail will coexist.

    It’s pointless, especially since a lot of the registrations will be the same companies getting both.

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