Recent Domain Name Sales on Flippa ( $36,500)

Last week, Flippa announced that you can now negotiate on ANY unsold auction, not just the auctions you were bidding on. This had a big impact in Flippa sales this week, with over $40,000 worth of domains closing after the auctions had ended.

Flippa’s biggest sale of the year (back in April) was privatized per the request of the buyer; so as the official second-biggest sale of 2014 is weighing-in at $36,500 — a property sold by brokerage firm Ejtel Consulting (who also sold back in April).

Recent Domain Name Sales on Flippa:  @ $36,500  (Negotiated Post-Auction)  @ $10,800  @ $9,200  @ $7,300  @ $7,050  @ $5,501  @ $4,100  @ $3,850  @ $3,200
[Privacy Per Buyer’s Request]  @ $2,500  (Negotiated Post-Auction)  @ $1,111  (Negotiated Post-Auction)  @ $527  @ $500  @ $300 (Negotiated Post-Auction)  @ $211
1p.TV  @ $205  @ $200 (Negotiated Post-Auction)


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. Kawaii is a typo of Kauai or Hawaii, so I don’t see high value there.

  2. Kawaii means cute in Japanese. Japanese love cute stuff – this is huge domain 😀

    • Show me one Japanese domain broker and one Japanese domain buyer in 2014 sales and then I will believe you that Japanese may like to buy some .com name. They live in their .jp space, they are isolated for some reason…

  3. What about Japan cities new GTLDs Nagoya, Tokyo, Kyoto, Yokohama & Osaka will they make any difference and its worth to invest on this new domains or .jp stands preferred extension for Japanese ……… any guesses guys

    • Hard to predict. It would be interesting to see stats of CentralNIC registrations for and (yah! weird 3-letter .com), assuming a majority of such registrations are from Japanese companies and citizens.

  4. I got couple of .nagoya domains as follows


    Information about Automotive Business in Nagoya :

    Nagoya’s main industry is the automotive business, as many Japanese automotive companies are based out of Nagoya, akin to how many U.S. automakers are based out of Detroit. Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus is headquartered in Nagoya. Mitsubishi Motors has an R & D division in Okazaki located in a suburb of Nagoya. Many Japanese automotive suppliers such as Denso, Aisin Seiki Co., Toyota Industries, JTEKT or Toyota Boshoku etc. are headquartered in Nagoya or suburbs of Nagoya. Furthermore, major automotive suppliers such as Magna International or PPG also have a presence in Nagoya.

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