GoDaddy .Ninja, .Reviews, .Futbol Auction Results: 9 Domains Sold ( $1,580)

Go Daddy .Ninja, .Reviews and .Futbol New gTLD premium auction sold 9 domains. The domains were sold by their registry which is Rightside. The auction included 25 domains and the highest bid was for for $1,580. All domains had a $500 reserve that 16 didn’t get.


Here is the complete list of the 9 New gTLD domains that sold: $500 $500 $500 $530 $1,580 $500 $1,525 $500 $1,358

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  1. So it cost more to set up the auction than the revenue from it?


  2. I must say I am getting kind of worried. I won the domain name and the Rightside registry still has not contacted me. In my GoDaddy Panel it says “email seller for details” but I emailed them about a week ago and they still have not responded. Both my domain name and the other winners (example still show as “domain reserved in accordance with ICANN policy” on WHOIS lookups. I really wish Rightside would be better at communication. Do they not want to give the domains up…?

    • Collin I was watching this domain. Congrats on winning it. I can do a post about this if you want. It seems like an interesting story.

      When I won a .info in one of the afilias auctions at Go Daddy I had the same problem. I waited for a long time before getting the domain.
      And then it was locked at Go Daddy for 2 months.

      • Yeah, that’d be great. I called Rightside 2 days ago and they said they’d call me yesterday, but no call. :/

        Since they’re a registry it’d be really nice if they could somehow just plop the domain in my CSCGlobal account so I could bypass sitting at GoDaddy for 60 days.

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