Francois Carrillo Launches Lend.Me: Use Domains as Collateral to Secure Short Term Loans

Francois Carrillo, that is behind the popular domain news aggregator, launched today his new project Lend.Me. At you can use domain names as collateral to secure short term loans.

Francois Carrillo said, “Four years ago I had a “great” idea, today I am pleased to announce it has come to live: Basically everyone should be able to request a loan putting domains or web sites as collateral, and have lenders compete for their loan.”

Here is how describes how ti works:

  • Fill out a loan request. If our advisors approve it they will send you a $35 invoice. Once the invoice is paid the loan request will be made available to our members within 48 Hours.
  • If our members find that your loan request is of interest, then they will contact you with their best offer (amount, interest rate and term).
  • You are in control, you decide, if you accept an offer then the loan process starts, otherwise your request remains active for one month.

Loan process is 100% secure
Collateral digital assets are put under escrow until the loan agreement is completed. The borrower continues to use it, and will get his asset back as soon the loan is fully paid. The lender has the guarantee to get asset’s ownership, if the borrower fails an installment payment.

What kind of digital asset can be used as collateral? Initially only domain names and web sites.Can I lend money from someone in another country? Our broad network of lenders offer services to parties in all countries allowing peer to peer lending.

What kind of loans can you request?

For the moment we only authorize 6 months to 3 years loans ($3,000 minimum).
Interest should be paid quartely and at term the remaining amount should be paid back.
The borrower can accelerate payment and save money by paying in full the loan when he wants after 3 months.
So lenders just have to suggest what is the amount of cash they can lend, their interest and term.
It’s the only difference between all lending proposals, so it’s easy for borrowers to make a decision.

How much does it cost?

First remember you must be a registered member and be signed in to watch, respond and request loans.

– Request a loan: $35 / application.
– Watch loan requests: It’s FREE!
– Watch private loan requests: Requires to be a Premium Member ($90/year)
– Respond to loan offers: Requires to be a Premium Member ($90/year)

What is the interest rate of the loans you provide?
Each lender will propose his own rate, they will compete to get your business.
Now for information, 12% is the avergage annual interest rate those providing loans secured by digital collaterals have been charging these past years.

What is the loan process?

Once a borrower has decided to accept the loan offer from a lender, both parties will sign a lending agreement that we will provide for convenience.
From there an escrow transaction between the borrower and lender needs to be created to secure the loan process.
Because the borrower will pay escrow fees, it’s the one who should select the escrow company.
Below are the escrow services we recommend. Check each site for their escrow fees:


This is how the loan process will be secured by an escrow company:

The transaction is secure because collateral digital assets are put under escrow ownership while the transation is not completed:

  • Lender will pay to the escrow company the loan amount.
  • Borrower will put his collateral digital assets under escrow ownership.
  • Escrow will pay borrower the loan amount minus escrow fees.
  • After the first 3 months the borrower will start paying each quarter the loan interest.
  • Escrow will pay quartely the interests to the lender minus escrow fees.
  • At loan term the borrower will pay the remaining loan balance to escrow minus escrow fee.
  • Escrow will pay the lender and will send back the digital collateral to the borrower.
    If at anytime an invoice is not paid in time by the borrower then the loan is cancelled:
    The borrower will lose the money paid and the escrow will transfer his digital collateral asset to the lender.

Francois Carrillo is a sponsor at


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. Was there another one called digipawn at one time ?
    They would advertise on domain sites a lot, but have seemed to disappear.

  2. This is certainly an interesting development though it remains to be seen how it works in practice. Loan amounts would tend to be close to wholesale prices or considerably below the registrant’s ideal sales price so that if the loan is not repaid, the lender can recover the loan amount without difficulty. Loans on alt TLD domains or new TLD domains will be more difficult as lenders may not want to participate due to less liquidity.

  3. They shouldn’t have launched yet. Today … contact form emails are returned as undeliverable. Forms filled out get a server error. Too many problems; not working yet.

    Before you advertise and promote a site/business maybe you should test it out first.

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