How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name For Your Business

.CO did an article on the Huffington Post called “How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name For Your Business”.

The article says that “Having the right domain name helps you establish your credibility, makes it easier to promote your brand, and gives people a place to find you online. Your domain name is a big part of your first impression – it’s going to live everywhere from on your business cards and promotional materials to your Twitter and Facebook profiles.”

Here are a 4 tips to consider as you are choosing a domain name:

  1. Stand the test of time (Get something the is easy to remember)
  2. Stand out from the pack (Choose something short and memorable)
  3. Stand proud (If you have to explain your domain then it’s the wrong one)
  4. Keep SEO in mind (Get a domain that google recognizes)

Then the article said that “It will undoubtedly be a challenge to find that perfect name for your company and you’ll most likely need to be creative to find a domain name that isn’t already taken – but, if you look beyond the legacy options and consider new domain extensions, you are sure to find just what you’re looking for.”

I agree with all 4 points but point 3 is the tricky one. This is where the public needs to be educated so your choice is the right one. If your company is called “before” and you choose something like then you have made a bad decision because you will have to explain your domain name every time. But if your company is about photos and you buy the domain name then your choice could be right or wrong depending on how much people are educated about the New gTLDs or even .co. To some it might seem like a bad move today but in the long run it might prove to be a right one. I just think that if you can afford it you should buy the .com version as well if it’s available.

Click here to read the full article.


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