Sedo starts displaying banner ads on parked domains and some non-targeted ads appear

I noticed today that Sedo, that is using the Google feed, has started displaying banner ads on the domain names that are parked there. Instead of always getting a list of text ads you now sometimes see a single banner ad:


I had made a couple of searches on Google for “US incorporation” thus the ad you see displayed. Banner ads and text ads alternate each time you hit the refresh button. The keyword at my domain is set to “books” so I am not sure why I see these ads. I wonder how the domain is seen from the US or other countries. I am a little worried because keyword selection ensures you don’t infringe on any trademark rights. I visited a few others of my domains and the ads are not always targeted to the selected keywords but rather on previous google search pattern. Are you seeing the same thing on your domains?

On another note it seems that after Sedo disabled most of the parking templates and removed the feature where you could add a photo to your landing page (a feature I had spend several hours adjusting) now the option to choose your preferred language has disappeared also from landing pages. So if you are traveling to a different country you will not be able to read anything as the geolocation feature will choose the language for you.

I haven’t noticed a banner ad on any domains parked at or any other parking companies. Let me know if you seen one. On the other hand is displaying some nice photos by default on parked domains:



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  1. Nothing to do with Sedo specifically. The ad area is set by Google and the image ad appears across all parking companies. This has been going on for a few months.

  2. Konstantinos
    Remarketing.(contextual targeting)

  3. Continued…
    So if you visit a competitor’s site that uses adwords remarketing, it’s possible that a competitors ad may display on your page or any page you visits that uses adsense. In a nutshell, you’re being followed. However, you can exclude domains from being displayed.

    • Yes I am familiar with this “feature” because I am followed all the time.

      How do you do this?
      “However, you can exclude domains from being displayed.”

      I just thought that parking companies would be more sensitive on this matter but I guess they don’t care.

  4. That is why I stopped parking valuable names a long time ago. Sedo or any parking company will leave you hanging if THEY put a trademark ad on your parked page. Bye, bye domain, even if it is generic.

    • I am using generic lander so that I don’t infringe on any trademarks.
      But when you have something descriptive like e-books you are pretty much safe.
      But then again someone can name their car “e-books” and steal your domain.

      • Unless they are making decent $$ why risk good names. I put a nice for-sale lander from Domainnamesales as it looks way more professional than I could do.
        I have had the most inquiries via DNS platform. Lots of tire kickers but some very serious offers as well.

  5. Display ad capabilities were added by Google last year. The parking company has the ability to enable/disable this option. Remarketing is always enabled for 1-click and display landers, and enabled by default on 2-click landers. Hard-coding keywords is possible, but only on 2-click landers. The keyword parameter is something different altogether and it’s merely a suggestion. In my experience it’s not very effective.

    If you’re worried about TM issues with your domain, you should absolutely have your parking company hard-code a 2-click lander with text ads only for all applicable geos.

  6. Linda Johansen

    Sedo currently don’t have a proper landing template which clearly shows “This domain is for sale”

    They previously had a template name “sales lander”, unfortunately they have removed this from their list.

    I am more interested in selling domains not parking 🙂

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