Sedo sells for 45,000 EUR and for 30,000 EUR

Sedo just announced two mid 5-figures sales: 45,000 EUR 30,000 EUR was sold by a company called ZAKER, C.B. from Spain. The buyer is using privacy whois and the nameservers have not yet been changed so we don’t know who the buyer is yet. The company was using the domain name since

2000, the year it was registered, for their website.

It seems that more and more businesses sell their valuable domain names when they don’t no longer need them (or a big offer comes along) instead of letting them expire.
The domain name was registered in 1995 and it was sold by it’s Swedish owner. The buyer is not yet know but it could be German company Lossless Digital UG from that also owns, and is a domain that I wish owned. If you don’t know what it could be used for check here.
The domain has changed hands many times since 1995. At one point in 2006 the owner put it up for appraisal at Here is a reply it got:
And if you find an interested end user, who knows, maybe up to mid high $XXX.
For a quick resale value no more than mid high $XX imo.

About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. zaker .com 45,000 EURO “It seems that more and more businesses sell their valuable domain names when they don’t no longer need them” Great news for the domain industry, a solid price for a domain such as this.

    zaker seems to be a popular family name, a company in Dubai with the namesake, an app and is trademarked by a Chinese company with interest in technical research; research and development.

  2. Really good price fetched for from the seller. It’s a Muslim name as well. Although more common spelling used is Zakir. As the buyer is from Spain than probably it’s bought by someone else who has no relation to the name.

    Lossless is a great domain and it’s funny to see the appraisal of this domain at NP.

    Thanks for sharing though 🙂

  3. Lossless.

    These type of names only get praises from domainers after they’ve sold for big bucks; then everybody goes “Great name”. But before it sells, domainers will say “pigeon shit, what does it mean? get rid of it and buy or Exact match Domain names”.

    Tuesday morning quarterbacks….

  4. @Charles,

    I’m glad you rekindled the discussion cos I’ve changed my mind; the first one is actually better; the US needs more kids studying ‘Additional Mathematics’, than we need ‘programmables’. Zournas is easier to type that Konstantinos, that’s all. Why are you being condescending on me just because I was condenscending on Zournas.

      You are wrong.

    • @Uzoma

      I believe you might be getting confused, I was just pointing out your online behaviour, a mere observation! And one that you admitted to being condescending…interesting.

      It’s actually unbelievable, having admitted to being condescending to the blog author, you don’t even apologize! This is not the first time you have used such online behaviour via domain name blog forums, it has been noted.

      Charles P.

      • I believe blog authors are more concerned with this type of discussion. This platform doesn’t capture true nuances, grimaces, and caveats.

        If I was condescending, or even apologetic, you wouldn’t know it. It’s more likely that you are projecting yourself on others. That’s more discernible….

        Add to the topic of the post..

  5. Thank you you have shown your true colors again, the domain name community can make their own minds up about your online behaviour.

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