The solution to the “eco” problem: “Access denied”

I am watching the ICANN RSS feed and I got this article today:
13 March 2014
Sender’s Title:
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ICANN Board of Directors
Proposal for implementing GAC advice concerning IGO acronyms
The problem is that when visiting the article link or the pdf document at the ICANN website I get “Access denied” and “You are not authorized to access this page.”. This is a public RSS feed and I don’t understand why access is denied unless something happened…
The date of the pdf is March 13th 2014 so this was sent yesterday.
“ECO” is the acronym of the Economic Cooperation Organization that is an intergovernmental organization (IGO). ICANN has reserved all names and acronyms of intergovernmental organizations until they make a decision on how to implement GAC advice. So this document above could the solution to the “eco” problem or maybe not.

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  1. Clearly the problem isn’t eco-friendly. 😀

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