UDRP complaint filed for 18 year old domain MyMachine.com

A UDRP complaint was filed for the domain name MyMachine.com at the National Arbitration Forum. The domain name was registered in 1996 and according to domaintools.com whois history the current owner has owned it since at least 2001.

The MyMachine.com website displays a picture of a small machine on black background and that is about it.

The complainant is not yet known but since the complaint was filed at the National Arbitration Forum I can assume that the complainant is

from the US. And there is only one US trademark for the term “my machine” and that is for a “magazine featuring motorcyles”. The trademark was registered in 2006 and the first use in commerce date is in 2005.

So I can pretty much assure the complainant that they will lose this one.

The complainant’s website is located at mymachinemag.com. That is why they want to take the domain name MyMachine.com from it’s rightful owner.


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  1. People need to wake up and take action.. Nate C. made the comment weeks ago about this and there is NO RISK to in filing a complaint. THese cases cost the rightful domain owner money in defense with NO RISK in paying for legal costs, etc. THe domain owner can lose $100k for a trademark name, a company filing bs cases should at least cover and pay the domain owner when they lose attorney fees or some additional flat amount.. Its getting out of hand and will only get worse.. But like most in the industry, they just sit back and take it..

    • Domaining does not sit well with most people and that is because there are very few people doing it.

      But these trademark shards are going after dead people, widows, sick people and god knows who else that can’t defend themselves and hope for a default and some shady panelist.

      I think these cases above together with the increasing number of RDNH should be taken to ICANN for something to be done. But ICANN is too busy making and spending money with new gtlds so they don’t care about anything else.

  2. It is unbelievable that domain owners have to deal with these parasites. A real court seems to be the only way to sue them a new a$$hole. The kangaroo udrp system is a JOKE as are most of the “arbitraitors”. Notice the word “traitors” and who it applies to???
    Good luck to the domain owner.

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