New gTLD .wiki selects Namejet for sunrise, landrush and premium auctions

Top Level Design, LLC, the applicant for the new top level domain .wiki, has selected NameJet, the leading domain name auction platform, to operate the sunrise and landrush auctions and help with future premium auctions.

NameJet provides .wiki the complete auction solution needed to manage the .wiki launch. NameJet’s proven platform, by which millions of names are made available and sold, is poised to help bring new .wiki domain names to market with Sunrise expected to begin in March, 2014. Additional details will be made available on NameJet’s New TLDs page as they become available. “The introduction of the .wiki top level domain is a historic event in the evolution of the Internet and we’re excited to be a part of launching such a dynamic TLD,” said Matt Overman, General Manager of NameJet.

The .wiki TLD will make wikis more valuable through greater visibility and ease of use. Most Internet users are familiar with the concept of wikis, thanks to’s status as one of the most highly trafficked websites in the world. “There is something unique and magical about wiki’s revolutionary publishing style that will continue to bring like-minded people together to create amazing and ever growing resources,” said Raymond King, CEO, Top Level Design LLC.

The .wiki TLD is targeting four major demographic markets: enterprise wikis, enthusiast wikis, developer wikis and individual wikis.

Enterprise wikis are best suited to organizations and corporations. The most innovative and organized companies already bring their staff together via wiki.

Enthusiast wikis provide a platform to organize information based on shared common interests. The .wiki TLD will empower a revolution for fandom, hobbyists, and academics. Wikipedia is the largest example of an enthusiast wiki, but Top Level Design hopes to foster a boom in specialty wikis.

Developer wikis are the natural place to host development and open source projects. It is visible and accessible, and it creates an intuitive space for any groups that develop through collaboration. Most developers are already connected and working with their colleagues via wiki, and so the new namespace will become a natural home base for them.

An individual wiki focuses closely on a person or family, with a .wiki domain name dedicated to an individual, one can participate in the creation process and invite others to do the same. The result will likely be quite different but complementary to a well-written Wikipedia biography.

About NameJet:
NameJet is a joint venture between Demand Media, Inc. [DMD] and Group, Inc. [WWWW] who each own two of four leading ICANN-accredited registrars (eNom,, Network Solutions and Launched in 2007, with core auction software and technical infrastructure operating since 2004, NameJet serves domain investors, Fortune 500 companies and their representatives, small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as a diverse and global mix of individual investors. It has processed over 200,000 domain auctions, establishing itself as a trustworthy and transparent auction platform that is customer-focused and user-friendly.

About Top Level Design, LLC:
The .wiki TLD is exclusively managed by Top Level Design, LLC, which was founded with the express intent to run new domain registries. Raymond King is a wiki enthusiast, and he has founded or been involved in a number of prominent wiki projects and companies, including AboutUs Inc., the largest website directory; WikiIndex, the wiki on wikis; and ICANNWiki, the wiki dedicated to the ICANN space.


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