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AspireVeloTech, known as the world’s largest dealer of Chris King bicycle components, bought one of the very first top level domains (TLD’s) that became available on February 5th. The company bought when general availability started for .bike domain names on February 5th.

The new TLD, .BIKE, allows the company to call themselves what their customers have come to call them, “AVT.”

“It’s happened to many companies; customers create an acronym out of the company name and soon that’s what you’re being called,” says Michael Golding, Founder of Aspire VeloTech. “AVT dot com, dot org, dot everything has been taken long ago. With the new TLD of .BIKE, we can finally call ourselves what our customers already call us, AVT.”

(Actually is for sale at Sedo for less than $1,399 USD and is also parked at Sedo.)

Mr. Golding explains that the advantage of the new TLD’s is that they instantly show relevance. When you see .BIKE for example, it’s easy to tell what kind of website it is, even if .BIKE will be shared among both bicycle and motorcycle websites.

Still the same company with the same people, Mr. Golding is always looking for ways to make thing easier and more convenient for the company’s customers. “AVT.Bike is one more way we can make it easy for our customers to remember us, which is very important in today’s eCommerce environment.”

The domain name redirects to the new

About Aspire VeloTech

AspireVeloTech was founded in 1997 and has grown to become the world’s largest dealer of Chris King precision bicycle components. They also specialize in many other American made bicycle components, such as Phil Wood, Thomson, White Industries, Paul Components, Wound Up, King Cages, and more. Their website currently offers over 5,000 bicycle related products from around the world with more being added on a regular basis. Visit them at their new website: http://www.AVT.Bike.


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  1. When an end user speaks, Listen Up!

  2. Let’s face it they had a crappy domain, and not many outs, you will hear random stories like this come out, does not discount the value of a 3l .com.


    Nah, sounds like a definite downgrade to me. anyone?

  4. @KZ

    How ill email work out for them?

    Clearly, it won’t work out at all. Don’t need a crystal ball to make that prediction!

    Much of their orders and confidential correspondence will erroneously end up at AVT.Com

    That is why I feel that no one will ever want to try to use a gtld. They are only for those who want to lose both traffic and email. Don’t know too many businesspeople who will fall into that category.

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