ICANN sends notice of breach to 3 registrars from Israel, Brazil and Argentina because of past due accreditation fees

As of February 4th and 7th 2014, 3 ICANN accredited registrars are in breach of their Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The breach is because of past due accreditation fees:

  1. From Israel, Black Ice Domains, Inc. (blackicedomains.com) ($6,916.42 in past due accreditation fees)
  2. From Brazil, Telefonica Brasil S.A. (telefonica.com) ($3,737.72 in past due accreditation fees)
  3. From Argentina, Virtucom Networks S.A. (owebs.com) ($5,450.50 in past due accreditation fees)

The breach is because of $6,916.42 in past due accreditation fees.

Black Ice Domains is under the 2009 RAA and only offers .com and .net domain names.

The domain name blackicedomains.com redirects to this URL: http://www.exai.com/domain-management/.

The Virtucom Networks S.A. website at owebs.com doesn’t currently resolves.

ICANN may commence the termination process if registrars fail to timely cure the breach.


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  1. Class Action against search engines running TLDs

    Think when this will happen for new GTLDs registries…:)))

    (don’t worry, google daddy will buy them….)

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