Cybertonic, owner of, launches a free anonymous email service at

Cybertonic, owner of, launched today an anonymous email service at Francois Carrillo is the owner of Cybertonic.

I had the opportunity to see an early version of the the service a few months back and I can say that a lot of work has been put into it since then. This free service allows anyone to send and receive messages with maximum privacy.

This is an excellent use of a premium domain name like allows you to send an anonymous message to any recipient.

This is the first version and there are still more features coming.

Main features

Your privacy is respected:

  • We do not ask you any personal information, we don’t save any data except the encrypted messages for 48H maximum.
  • Messages are always anonymous, except if you specify in your message your identity or a sign in order the recipient recognize you.
  • We do not save any web logs.

A secure interface for senders:

  • Our web page is under SSL so all the communication between your browser and your internet connection is encrypted.
  • Our site cannot be opened within a frame to reduce phishing.
  • You do not trust your computer? You can write your message without using the keyword to block the usage of keyword loggers.
  • Browser form data is erased as soon the message sent to avoid someone may simply use the history back button to read your posted message.

A secure hosting:

  • All messages are stored with military grade encryption.
  • Messages are stored for 48H maximum, after they are deleted.
  • As soon a message is opened all parts of the message are deleted from our servers.
  • Before delete any message we previously overwrite it with random data.

A secure interface for readers:

  • You can affect a password to an email address so messages delivered to that address fire a password page to can be opened.
  • Messages are displayed for 2 minutes maximum, except you manually add more time to keep it visible longer.

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  1. Thanks!

    FYI, I just added this section in the about page that will clarify regarding the use of the service:
    While you can send anonymous messages, know we maintain an encrypted file where we log for each message sent (Sent date, Sender IP, Recipient email) to can assist authorities in the case of abuses or legal issues. So do not use for blackmailing, threatening or any other illegal activities.

  2. I like this service because for me it is difficult to buy domains. Once they see my name, the prices get jacked up.

    • This is the most redundant thing I’ve ever seen. It’s unnecessary.

      When presenting, or negotiating a transaction, every communication, from inception, is part of the record, and may be crucial at a later date. In case there’s a misunderstanding between the parties in the future, or present, an arbiter may have to invoke this communication, in terms of their claims. How then can these be erased, permanently?

      It’s stupid.

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