Auction reserves are a bit tricky: Shane takes a small hit at Namejet…

I was out eating steaks and drinking red wine yesterday and when I came back home I had a look at my auction history at Namejet. I saw that the domain had been sold for $520.

I was sure I had seen the domain before so I checked my bidding history only to find this domain listed 3 times. Back in October 2012 I was the second bidder for the first auction. I later found out that Shane Cultra was the winner. My bid was for $788 and Shane got the domain for $798.

It appears that Shane tried to sell the domain at Namejet again this past April. Highest bid was $810 but the domain didn’t sell as the reserve was not met. Today the domain sold for $520 that was Shane’s reserve.

The most interesting fact is that the $520 winner today was also the winner in April when the bidder had made a $810 bid.

So Shane took a small hit selling this domain yesterday $798-$520= $278(plus namejet fees) instead of a $12 profit that would have resulted in an even smaller hit after namejet fees back in April. It’s nothing much and I think a little more cash is always welcome during the holidays. And I am sure he has sold other domain at Namejet for a good profit.

Reserves are a bit tricky. If Shane had a smaller reserve the first time he would sold the domain at a higher price. And if he had a higher reserve yesterday he might have sold the domain for more or not have sold it at all.

I generally don’t agree putting the same domain name for auction very often especially when the same auction house is used. A lot of domainers are impulse buyers and impulse is pretty much worn out after 3 auctions for the same domain in 14 months.

If you wonder why I didn’t bid. The answer is simple. As I said I was out eating steaks and drinking wine during auction time. Mark knows what I talking about… 🙂 It is about 22.00 when namejet auctions end here in Greece. And I spent $7k on a domain yesterday so my spending spree is pretty much over for this year!

BTW I am a bit jealous of Shane’s trophy… 🙂


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. With Flippa being hot for .info’s it is a surprise any domainer would be listing a .info domain anywhere else.

  2. I expect Shane to win $300 in a single roll of dice in Vegas, so no big losses there.

  3. They ran a special this past week with 1/2 off listing prices for domains only. The promo should have ran out but it looks like they still showing $15 on their sell page.

  4. I am wondering what $7k bought? 🙂

  5. Yes going out drinking and eating saves me money also.

    And I think Shane will survive…

  6. I also took a hit on Lost a few hundred dollars on the sale at $5200. BUT did fine on the rest of my list and overall made 10%. Not great but the purpose of the auctions was to raise a little cash for a new purchase. I’ve said before that my business runs on steady income, cashflow, and profits. In order to buy new names I have to have sales or income from the sites pay for it. But I want to buy a five figure name so I had to sell a few names. I felt it was worth making little to no profits on the name and combining the collective value of all and buying one good name. Call it a reorganization. Like Mark said, I think I’m going to survive and like Theo said, I lost and gained more in one bet at the Sportsbook than I did on the entire auction. Now that’s stupid, losing a little in an auction happens

  7. Of course. Working on building out and from this years’ purchase

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