FXX.com, FXX.net, FXX.org and FXX.ca purchased by FOX in 2013 for the new FXX channel

Fox Entertainment Group, owner of the FX TV channel, has bought many FXX domain names in the past year. Fox launched a sister channel to the FX channel called FXX.

The new channel got a brand new website located at fxx.com. FX TV channel uses the domain fxnetworks.com for its official website which isn’t too obvious to find.

I checked past sales and found that there have been many fxx related domain purchases in the past year.

The decision for the new TV channel must have been taken on January 2013 or just before that because it was then that the fxx domain related sales started. Buying the domain names 9 months ahead of the launch was a smart move by FOX at it got most of them for cheap. FOX announced the new FXX channel in late March 2013.

In January 2013 the domain FXX.com was bought for only $60,000 at the DomainNameSales.
Fxx.net was bought for $19,000 also in January and at the DomainNameSales.
I can’t find any record of the fxx.org sale price that was in January 2013 also. It must have been a private sale. I have contacted the seller and if he gets back to me I will update this post.

FXX.net and FXX.org currently display the same content as FXX.com.

Fox offers both FX and FXX channels in Canada. The oficial FX channel website is located at fxcanada.ca. In August 2013 the domain FXX.ca was bought for just $1,999 at Sedo. FXX.ca is not resolving.

FXX.com was sold by Abstract Holdings International LTD that owns premium domain names and numerous 3 letter domains like diz.com, diaz.com, nmo.com, ssx.com, vincent.com, uau.com and many others. It was originally registered in 2000.

FXX.net was sold by Name Administration Inc. (BVI), Frank Schilling’s company. It was originally registered in 2004.

FXX.org was sold by an individual from California that seems to be a domainer. It was originally registered in 2000.

All domains were bought on behalf of FOX by Marksmen that is a US trademark investigation firm.

FXX.info is owned by Future Media Architects, Inc. that is known for not selling any of its domain names.
FXX.biz is parked at Sedo and is currently offered for sale.
Actually fxx.com and fxx.net currently appear at Sedo as being for sale as their previous owners have not removed the domains from their accounts.
Fxx.us displays the default Go Daddy landing page.

The new FXX tv channel is now the home of 2 of my favorite shows:
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League.

If you are wondering where I got all this info… It was mostly Google and domaintools.com that I have been a paying member for quite some time now.


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  1. They also own FXX.mobi registered in January 2013 by MarkMonitor. The site is showing the same content.

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