returned to Jennifer Aniston’s PR company after almost a year

The domain name was returned toJennifer Aniston’s PR company PMK-HBH after being in a “Pending Renewal or Deletion” state for almost a year.

The domain name, registered with Network Solutions, expired in July 2012 while owned by PMK-HBH Public Relations, a PRcompany based in Beverly Hills. The domain then entered an auction at Namejet on the 13th of August 2012 and it had 106 bidders. The auction was supposed to end on the 16th but it was canceled by Namejet before that. Auction had a message that read: “We’re sorry, this auction was cancelled.”

Probably a C&D letter was send by Jennifer Aniston’s PRcompany to Network Solutions and/or Namejet that forced them to remove the domain name from auction.

The domain had a “CLIENT HOLD” status at Network Solutions with registrant info as “Pending Renewal or Deletion” up until the 15th of May 2013. Almost a year after it expired.

The actress Jennifer Aniston, who’s father is Greek, owns the domain names although both are inactive.

Wayback Machine shows that the domain has never been developed by this PRcompany, but about 10 years ago it displayed a coming soon message for the Official Jennifer Aniston website:

To be notified of the official launch and new updates, be sure to fill out the form completely. We use the information provided to ensure that the site which we launch provides content which the majority of the users are satisfied with. Thanks for taking the time and visiting the official Jennifer Aniston website!

For a leading PR company, PMK-HBH is not doing such a great job by not developing the website for more than 10 years, letting the domain name expire and enter an auction, and then waiting almost a year before getting the domain name back.

The domain name still has the NS1.PENDINGRENEWALDELETION.COM and NS2.PENDINGRENEWALDELETION.COM nameservers and resolve to the default Network Solutions lander for expired domains. It still displays the message “ expired on 07/08/2012 and is pending renewal or deletion” and it is still making money for Network Solutions.

A few weeks back the domain name dropped and was caught by Namejet as reported by Michael Berkens. This auction was also cancelled and the domain was returned to Pamela Anderson’s representatives CMG Worldwide, Inc.


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  1. this simply confirms my belief that the rich and famous shouldn’t have to pay ten dollars on time.

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