Manwin and ICM Registry come to agreement over 2011 dispute

Following a dispute that began in November 2011, Manwin and Manwin DP have come to an agreement with ICM Registry to bring the dispute to an end.

One of Manwin’s key motivations was to make .XXX pricing lower and more competitive.

Manwin has negotiated a lower price for newly-created .XXX domains created in the month of May 2013. .XXX domains will be made available to registrars at a substantially discounted wholesale price of USD$7.85, which is the current wholesale price of a .com. ICM will run similar price promotions in future years as well.

Furthermore, ICM has agreed to contribute USD$2 for every new .XXX domain name registration created after April 30, 2013. The monthly contribution will be made to a fund designated by Manwin to support the adult entertainment industry. These funds are in addition to ICM’s contributions to IFFOR.

Beyond the financial agreements, Manwin will now permit content from or advertising for .XXX websites on its Tube sites. In addition, Manwin related properties will allow websites hosted on .XXX sites to participate in any of its affiliate and promotional programs generally available to other website operators.

In the agreement ICM also acknowledges that websites hosted on their adult-specific TLDs are not the only responsible and safe adult content websites.

Both parties feel that these arrangements will set precedent for trade and consumer benefit and protection for the online space.


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