28 objections filed at the International Chamber of Commerce for new gTLD strings such as .ARCHITECT and .GAY

28 objections were filed at the International Chamber of Commerce for new gTLD strings. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) received the objections on March 12 and 13, 2013 and these were posted on the ICC website.

Most of the objections were filed on “Community Objection” grounds and a few on “Limited Public Interest Objection” grounds. Objections have been filed for strings such as .ARCHITECT, .GAY, .CHARITY, .AMAZON, .INDIANS, .PATAGONIA, .HEALTH, .MED and others. Most of the objections have been filed by ICANN’s Independent Objector for the New gTLD Program. Alain Pellet has filed 24 objections(18 of whom are currently shown at the ICC) against new gTLD applications. The objections, filed with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), were for several healthcare related strings as well as dotBrand applications for TLDs that have a similar geographic name, such as the hotly contested .PATAGONIA.

Total number of objections at the ICC is 28 by now and here is the pdf with all the objections.


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