New gTLD Sessions Planned for Beijing (ICANN 46)

The New gTLD Program continues to move forward. Release of Initial Evaluation results will begin this week and the Trademark Clearinghouse will launch on 26 March. Below is a list of all ICANN staff-led new gTLD related sessions planned for Beijing (ICANN 46) that takes place 7-11 April 2013:

New gTLD Program Status Get the latest update on the New gTLD Program. Review what we’ve accomplished since Toronto, learn what’s coming next in the program, and find out what we are doing to prepare for it.
IDN Variant TLDs Program Get a status update on each of the projects under the IDN Variant TLDs Program. The session will include presentation and discussion of the Program’s projects with a focus on the IDN root LGR Procedure and the User Experience Study Recommendations. The updates will also incorporate a presentation of Program’s next steps and projects.
New gTLD Pre-Delegation Testing Process Review Learn how to prepare the required data and documents for PDT, selecting a point of contact, scheduling your PDT appointment and see a demo of the system.
Trademark Clearinghouse Learn about the TMCH data verification system and what’s coming up with Sunrise and TM Claims.
New gTLD Security Stability & Resiliency (SSR) Update Get a status update on how the Internet community is resolving security issues that have been identified as part of the SSR Program. The session will include presentation and discussion of the general DNS and TLD threat landscape. The session will include a presentation of SSR next steps and what role the ICANN community has in managing risk as new TLDs are delegated into the root

For those who are new to ICANN meetings and to New gTLDs, ICANN has a Newcomer Track session scheduled for Sunday, April 7. This will provide a baseline understanding of where New gTLDs fit in the broader Domain Name System.

There will be other New gTLD-related sessions offered during the week, planned by other groups. Among them: The New TLD Applicant Group (NTAG) will conduct a session on Monday afternoon, the At-Large New gTLD Working Group plans an Outreach Evaluation Meeting on Tuesday, and on Wednesday there will be a session focused on the Impact of New gTLDs on NGOs (NPOC).


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