Key-Systems introduces the new dd24 dashboard

Key-Systems GmbH ( introduced a new feature in the dd24 login area: the dd24 dashboard. The dashboard provides many important details about your dd24 account at a glance. The dashboard shows you for example if there are domains that will renew in near future or the current utilization of your mail- and webspace.

The dashboard consists of several boxes (widgets) that you can arrange by drag & drop. Widgets that are not required can be moved to the widget pool by clicking on the “-” icon. Boxes that have been moved in the widget pool can be re-activated for the dashboard by clicking on the “+” icon.

The following widgets are currently available:

  • TLD Count – Number of your common TLDs (Top 10)
  • Expiring Domains
  • Jobs
  • Invoices
  • Required Documents
  • Mailspace
  • Webspace
  • vServer
  • Certificates
  • Affiliate Program

You can find the dashboard following ” User Account” -> “Dashboard”. It is recommended to enable the option “Show dashboard as your default welcome page” – so you will see all the important details right after logging into your account.

KeyDrive was created in June 2011 through the merge of Key-Systems GmbH and NameDrive S.A.

KeyDrive S.A. is an internet solutions holding company located in Luxembourg. The holding company includes the Key-Systems group (St. Ingbert, Germany), the NameDrive group (Wasserbillig, Luxembourg) as well as Moniker and SnapNames (Florida and Oregon/USA) with more than 160 employees. With the takeover of Moniker in January 2012 KeyDrive has more than 6 million domains under management.


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