Ron Paul splits original UDRP complaint for and into 2 separate complaints

Ron Paul split the original UDRP complaint for the domains and into 2 separate complaints, one for each domain name.

Ron Paul originally filed a cybersquatting UDRP complaint at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The original complaint with case number D2013-0278 was filed for two domain names and but now only has in it. The complaint is still pending compliance review almost 20 days after it was filed and that is because one of the two domains in the complaint had to be removed because the 2 domains are owned by different entities. UDRP complaints can’t be filed against more than one respondents.

The 2 domain names are owned by 2 different companies that are both based in Panama.

The WIPO new case number for is D2013-0371 and this complaint is also pending compliance review.

This delay has given the owners more time since the respondents have 20 days to prepare a response after a case has commenced and the 2 cases have not commenced yet. Usually a decision is published within one to two months after a case is commenced.


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