Go Daddy advises brands to buy additional versions of their domain and mispellings

In a blog post published by Go Daddy, it advised brands to buy additional versions of their domain name in order to protect their brand. Here is a summary of the advice given:

  • If you purchase coolexample.com domain name, you should consider purchasing the .net, .biz, .org, .info and .co versions as well
  • If you know a common misspelling for your domain name or business name, you should purchase it
  • If your company wants to sell a product with a unique name, you should consider registering its own domain name

You can find the complete post here.

I guess the advice seems logical if your business is selling domain names like Go Daddy but in general it is a good advice. I always follow it for my own companies and products no matter how small. If on the other hand you have bought the .com in order to sell it then you can avoid all the above advice, especially now with all the new gTLDs coming. I would only by the .net, .biz, .org, .info and .co if the domain really fits the extension. Of course I am referring to brandable domains and not generics. I would buy all the 1 word and strong 2 word domains in the extensions above.


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  1. Good for a business perspective, if you are doing a build out by all means, but domains investors, as long as you have the .com, no need to waste renewals in lessor extensions……

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