didn’t sell at NameJet – Reserve was not met

The domain name didn’t sell at NameJet. Highest bid was $3,500 USD but ironically the reserve price wasn’t met. BIN is used as an acronym for a “Buy It Now” price which in this case was not met.

The auction had 211 bids from 203 bidders. There were 13 bidders with a $1,000 bid or higher.


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Konstantinos studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London and lives in Athens, Greece. He loves domains and building websites. He is online since 1995, learned about html in 1996 and got into domains in 2002. He started the blog in 2012.


  1. Decent bids on a 3 letter .net. I’ve got AllBin dot com if any of them want to take a shot at a .com.

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