Donuts replies to the Greek Government that it will proceed with .BASKETBALL gTLD

Donuts Inc., a company that has applied for 307 new gTLD strings, issued a reply to a GAC early warning made by the Government of Greece regarding the new gTLD .BASKETBALL.

There are 3 applicants for the new gTLD string .basketball:

  • Fédération Internationale de Basketball (FIBA)
  • Little Hollow, LLC (Donuts Inc.)
  • dot Basketball Limited

The Greek government issued GAC early warnings to both Little Hollow, LLC (Donuts Inc.) and dot Basketball Limited regarding the new gTLD .BASKETBALL. Greece supports FIBA’s application for .basketball.

The Government of Greece informed Donuts that its opinion is that the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) is the only rightful steward of the .BASKETBALL gTLD and that competing applicants should withdraw. Greece further implies that though FIBA did not apply for community priority, the FIBA application should be regarded as so designated. Since early warnings were issued, Donuts was contacted by Roar Domains, FIBA’s commercial partner, regarding their application for .BASKETBALL. Greek Government’s warning, and the Roar correspondence, suggest that only FIBA/Roar can be considered the rightful stewards of the .BASKETBALL gTLD, that gTLDs must be operated from within an industry associated with a gTLD generic term, and that competing applications should be rejected.

Donuts submits in reply to this warning, and in view of the FIBA/Roar letter, that the Government consider the importance of neutral registry operations, the agreed-­to procedures for claiming superiority of an application, and the multi-­stakeholder model’s role in the gTLD program.

Donuts believes gTLDs should be administered safely and securely, and in a manner that is fair to all law-­abiding registrants. Donuts believes a neutral operator is better able to ensure that the gTLD reflects the full diversity of opinion and content of all Internet users interested in the term “basketball.” Donuts also said that FIBA undoubtedly is a worldwide authority on the game of basketball and its rules and events; however, authority over part of the activity signified by a dictionary term does not confer a presumed right or suggest the capability to administer a gTLD registry.

Donuts also said that FIBA/Roar chose not to apply for the gTLD as a community under the process. If FIBA met the community standards set forth in the AGB, it alone could become the operator of the gTLD.

Should Donuts become the registry operator for .BASKETBALL, they will invite FIBA to collaborate with Donuts in contributing to the success of the gTLD and the sport of basketball. As Donuts will run the gTLD on a completely open and neutral basis, FIBA will have ample opportunity to do so.

Donuts concluded that for the above and other reasons, Donuts will proceed with its application for .BASKETBALL. They invited representatives of the Government of Greece to further discuss this application at their convenience.


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