redirects to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The domain name redirects to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The domain specifically goes to the Holocaust Encyclopedia. The museum’s directors say that they secured the domain name for an undisclosed amount to educate those who might be looking for more controversial content. The museum that is having it’s 20th anniversary is doing a national tour and tribute to holocaust survivors and World War II veterans.

The domain was registered in 2005 by RareNames, WebReg ( after it was dropped by it’s previous owner who had registered in 1999. The domain was then aquired in 2008 by Abadaba S.A.. It not clear from domain name whois when the domain was secured by the museum.

I am bit worried about how the domain was acquired by the museum. Whois details are showing the old owner and the domain is registered to an obscure registrar at that doesn’t have a proper website. The official domain name is registered at Network Solutions. The domain hasn’t changed nameservers since 2008 but nevertheless is doing a redirect to the official museum website. The domain also appears to have expired at the registrar level.


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