WOW! Afternic refuses to send me their weekly sales list

I have been asking Afternic for almost a month now to include me in their weekly sales mailing list. All I was getting was “we’ll see if we can add you” or “we’ll see how your issue is procceding” or no reply at all. A few days back I asked an Afternic representative to just tell me a yes or no because it had been a month since I first asked to be included.

I was then told that Afternic will NOT include me in their mailing list because management doesn’t want the list in any more blogs. Afternic actually posts the list in their blog. I could get the list from there, which I won’t. I really don’t understand what could be the reasoning behind this decision. Maybe they didn’t like my review on the new Afternic.

I thought that Afternic was more open and responsive than Sedo but I could be wrong after all. Anyway it’s their loss.


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. No more content scraping maybe

  2. That is not cool. Never cared for afternic anyway. They seem to always sell names that are on the lower end. DNS and even sedo are much higher. But the days are numbered for them IMO.

  3. Worst company in the domain space for many years now, if judging by my experiences.

    IMO, most reps there go beyond being totally arrogant in communications, and most are dismissive of domain sellers. We are on the bottom of the totem pole the way I see it.

    They really are not brokers in my opinion, they are “Buyers Agents”. They always seem to be beating down sellers to give deals to their preferred, deep pocket buyers.

  4. I am finished with both SEDO and Afternic, I am removing all of my names and just making a 1 page sales/landing page. I am sick of their bs and they do not really ad any value. Parking is down and sales suffer from not being able to directly contact the buyer. If you have good names you do not need afternic or sedo. Don’t be afraid to speak out on your blog, they are not going to sponsor you or buy ads from you anyway 🙂

    • Hi Steve,
      I have moved 5000 medium/low traffic domains to my “for sale” lander. I am still testing it but things look good.
      I am also testing on traffic domains.
      I am not afraid and just tell things as they are.
      They rushed the new Afternic because of TRAFFIC. They didn’t like the criticism. Tough luck.

      Direct contact is crucial in hard negotiations.
      I was going back and forth for 45 days negotiating on a deal that wasn’t going anywhere.
      As soon as I contacted the buyer directly we had an agreement within two days.

  5. I totally agree that as a Buyer and as a Seller I prefer performing transactions directly with other party.

  6. Time to buyer our own domain sales platform… for the average Joe’s of the business. Its not rocket science.

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