en.org sells for $21,586 at GoDaddy Auctions

The domain name en.org expired on 08/10/2012 and was pending renewal or deletion. It was auctioned off at GoDaddy Auctions and it attracted a very large number of bidders. En.org sold for $21,586 to the highest bidder after 84 bids.

The domain was owned by the Enterprise Network that was a resource for Arizona’s emerging businesses until they let it expire.

“EN” has a lot of abbreviation meanings such as “English” or “Entertainment News”. Acronym finder has 44 different meanings for EN. I wonder what this domain will be used for.

The auction price for en.org ($21,586) was not able to surpass diy.org that sold for $60,000 at GoDaddy Auctions and work.org that sold for $55,000 at Sedo. These 2 are the highest .org sales of this year.  En.org is ranked 6th in the top .org sales list of the year.

Other notable .org sales this year include:
click.org $30,000 (Private Sale)
amara.org $25,000 (Sedo)
dream.org $25,000 (Afternic)
studio.org $20,000 (Sedo)
surgeon.org $19,000 (Sedo)

A few days back the.org sold for $6,800 at Namejet.


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