Google gets without a UDRP decision

Yesterday I wrote about how Google won a UDRP Complaint at the National Arbitration Forum for the domain name Google had an easy UDRP win as the Respondent failed to submit a Response in this proceeding. Google used it's "google" trademark registration to win the dispute.

Today, I saw that a UDRP complaint for the domain name was withdrawn at the National Arbitration Forum. This was done because the domain has already been transferred to Google. The owner offered to transfer the domain to Google after it got the notice for the UDRP complaint and before a Panelist was appointed and a decision was out. This way Google agreed to withdraw the complaint.

Google probably went after this domain name as the Project Glass's release is around the corner. Project Glass is a research and development program by Google to develop an augmented reality head-mounted display (HMD). The projected release date for the glasses is early 2013.

Amazingly Respondent registered the disputed domain name on October 2010 long before the "project glass" was announced. This was also the case for the domain

While Google owns the domain name it doesn't own these domains:

One down, a few more to go. Which one is next?

UDRP DISGRACE: transferred while complaint for is naturally denied

Complainant McLaren Health Care Corporation got a trademark registration for the mark "mclaren" on October 16, 2012 so they thought it would be a good idea to file UDRP complaints for every domain name incorporating this very common last name "Mclaren" less than a month later. And for any other last name that is close in spelling to Mclaren.

It was only natural that from all the complaints they filed for various domains that they would find a Panelist that would disregard any common sense and UDRP rules and find in favor of this Health "Care" Corporation that pretty much unknown worldwide. Of course he did. Because otherwise this new client for the National Arbitration Forum would not file for any more complaints and will cost the forum and the panelist a lot of money.

McLaren Health Care Corporation filed for 9 complaints since it got the trademark registration. I will only talk about the obvious last name complaints for domains registered for 8 to 16 years before the trademark registration.

First of all the McLaren Health Care Corporation filed for a complaint in order to steal the  domain away from it's rightful owner for the past 8 years Alister Mclaren / Mclaren & Mckechnie. Of course Panelist Mr. Hugues G. Richard denied the complaint but before doing that questioned Complainant's tactics of not sending a Cease and Desist Letter before filing this ridiculous complaint:

"Before considering the claim on its merits, the Panel would like to discuss the absence of any cease and desist letter in this matter. Before a matter is taken to a tribunal, it is useful to consider sending a cease and desist, which gives an opportunity for the parties to settle their dispute and avoid unnecessary procedures. Had the Complainant done so, this matter may have been resolved through amicable means. The Respondent acknowledged that he would have responded timely to such a letter and would have taken the steps necessary to rectify the matter. Parties are encouraged to communicate with one another in order to settle matters before filing a complaint."

The Panelist explained why he dismissed the complaint:

"The Respondent, as far back as June 29, 2010, has made preparations in order to provide web content under the <> domain name."

"Furthermore, the Respondent is commonly known under the McLaren name. This name is also reflected in the Respondent’s business."

Then the McLaren Health Care Corporation filed for a complaint in order to steal the  domain away from it's rightful owner for the past 8 years and with the generous help of the Panelist Tyrus R. Atkinson, Jr. it succeeded in this grand theft.

Both and were supposedly parked but both respondents claimed that these were holding pages put there by the hosting/registrar company and they had no control of the page and were not earning any money.

Respondent claimed in an email that his surname is McLaren but did not submit a formal Response in this proceeding claiming that Respondent received the Complaint just before the Christmas period.

I can't even began to think how this so called Panelist thought when he took away a common last name domain name like from an owner that had registered the domain 8 years before complainant's trademark registration. The complainant claimed that it was well known in the local area of Dallas before filling for the trademark registration but common law marks have geographic limitations. How in the world was the owner from Essex Great Britain was supposed to know about a local health care company thousands of miles away. Just saying the the respondent registered the domain name with the complainant in mind is an insult to common sense, law and of course the UDRP rules where any panelist is allowed to piss on without any control and consequences. Panelist Tyrus R. Atkinson, Jr. must be very proud of this ridiculous decision that he produced. He will make a lot of money on the future complaints filed from the frivolous "Health Care" Corporation. I will not go into any more details of this so called decision because frankly it is not worth my time...

This so called "McLaren Health Care Corporation" has filled more complaints. One is against a company called McLarens Young International (MYI) that is using the domain name Maybe Tyrus would like to decide this case as well?

And last but not least "McLaren Health Care Corporation" has filed for a complaint against Buy Domains that owns the domain and the totally unrelated to the mark and last name mclaren, domain: Mcclarin is a completely different last name. But of course "panelists" like Tyrus give these companies the nerve to file complaints for these domains. I hope Buy Domains sues this Corporation.

.bank and .insurance gTLD applicant asks for an extension to the objection filing deadline

Craig Schwartz that is the Director of fTLD Registry Services, LLC sent a letter to Ms. Christine Willett, General Manager of the New gTLD Program at ICANN asking for an extension to the objection filing deadline of March 31, 2013.

fTLD Registry Services, LLC (fTLD) was formed by The Financial Services Roundtable and the American Bankers Association to operate gTLDs to serve the global financial services community and other communities. On May 24, 2012, fTLD submitted applications to ICANN to operate the .bank and .insurance gTLDs. .bank has one more applicant while .insurance has another three applicants besides fTLD.

fTLD said that in light of the fourth delay for publishing the results of the string similarity review and the critical role it may play regarding an applicant’s decision to file an objection, ICANN should quickly consider a reasonable (e.g., 45-60 days) extension to the objection filing deadline. fTLD explained that in the absence of an extension to the objection period, which in their view would be unacceptable, fTLD and other applicants will be forced to spend time and resources preparing objections that may ultimately be unnecessary after the string similarity results are announced. fTLD asked ICANN to announce an extension to the objection filing deadline as soon as possible.

DomainTools starts offering Domain Report in PDF format for $49

Domain Tools starts offering a Domain Report in PDF format for an introductory price of $49.

Domain Report is simple to use: enter a domain name and Domain Tools will gather nearly everything they know about it into a single downloadable document. With over a decade of ownership and hosting history at their disposal, years of website screenshots, and data from the Name Server Report and the patented Reverse IP Lookup, “everything they know” is a very comprehensive dataset. Whois History plays an essential role in domain transactions and legal proceedings.

Now, all that data is available in a single package, optimized for printing and delivered in a downloadable PDF document.

Domain Report builts the document with formatting, headers, meta text, and professional layout techniques to lend it stand-alone authority and credibility that copy/paste techniques or desktop screenshots never get, especially if you’re supporting your own claims. Pages have neatly formatted Whois history records and website screenshots.

Another great thing about these PDF reports is that they always cost the same regardless of size: the introductory price is just $49 each. This is a version 1.0 product and Domain Tools plans to include more data and more customization options in future updates.

How does this work?

Enter a domain name and they'll tell you exactly how much current and historical data you'll get. Reports include all this data:

  • Every Historic Whois record
  • Complete website screenshot history
  • Owner (registrant) name and email address
  • Current Whois record
  • Registration dates and status codes
  • Network name and IP location
  • Reverse IP & Name Server connected domains
  • and more!

If you decide to buy a report, the system will gather the data into a single PDF document that you can download within minutes of your purchase. Get all this on one domain for $79 $49 (special introductory price)—no recurring membership fees required.

Domain lost in UDRP while parked at Internet Traffic

Complainant Enterprise Holdings, Inc. submitted a Complaint to the National Arbitration Forum on December 10, 2012 for the domain name

Enterprise Holdings, Inc. from St. Louis, MO, USA, is the owner of the ENTERPRISE mark which it began using at least as early as 1974 in connection with a vehicle rental business. Enterprise is the largest car rental provider to international travelers visiting North America. Enterprise Holdings official website is

Respondent DSTR Acquisition VII, LLC from Washington, USA failed to submit a Response in this proceeding and ultimately lost the domain name because the disputed domain name was used to resolve to a website which provides hyperlinks to car rental services, including Complainant’s websites and Complainant’s competitors. The domain name is parked at Internet Traffic:

entrprises.bizThe domain name was registered on March 27, 2002. Complainant waited for more than 10 years to file this complaint but did so when the domain started displaying rental car ads.

The complaint could have easily been
denied if it wasn't for these ads. That is why I have been asking Internet Traffic to provide a more general parking template. This is one of the reasons I haven't moved all my domains at Internet Traffic. They don't offer a truly generic lander. If you choose the General category and the General Sub-category you end up with a lander that is mostly focused on business and financial terms. That is dangerous if there a financial related trademark that is similar to your generic domain name. Even if you check the box “specific keyword” you don't get a general lander. This unpredictability is what I fear. The people at Internet Traffic are working on creating a category like this but it has been a few months since I asked them.

Panelist Darryl C. Wilson ordered that the domain name be TRANSFERRED from Respondent to Complainant because:

  1. Complainant bases its rights on registrations of the ENTERPRISE mark, which Complainant uses in its business of automotive repairs and short-term rental/leasing of automobiles and trucks. Complainant further contends that Respondent’s <> domain name is confusingly similar to Respondent’s mark because it fully incorporates and misspells Complainant’s ENTERPRISE mark.  The Panel notes that in addition to the term “enterprises” the domain name features the generic top-level domain (“gTLD”) “.biz.”
  2. The Panel finds that this evidence shows that Respondent is not commonly known by <> domain name pursuant to Policy ¶ 4(c)(ii). Complainant claims that Respondent is using the disputed domain name to resolve to a website which provides hyperlinks to car rental services, including Complainant’s websites and Complainant’s competitors.  Complainant claims that when Internet users click any of the links on the resolving website, they are taken to another website which features more descriptive hyperlinks to both Complainant’s and Complainant’s competitors websites.  The Panel notes that both content pages of the <> domain name provided by Complainant illustrate that the domain name is being used to host an array of hyperlinks to related and competing business, including Complainant’s own website.  See Complainant’s Exhibit 5.  The Panel finds that the Respondent’s use of the domain name to profit through click-through hyperlinks is not a Policy ¶ 4(c)(i) bona fide offering, nor a Policy ¶ 4(c)(iii) legitimate noncommercial or fair use.
  3. Complainant asserts that Respondent is using the disputed domain name to confuse Internet users into believing Complainant is affiliated or a sponsor of the disputed domain name.  Complainant claims that Respondent set up the disputed domain name to gain click-through profits whenever confused Internet users used the hyperlinks on the website.  Complainant argues that the confusing similarity between the domain name and Complainant’s mark (and Complainant’s registered domain names associated with the mark such) makes it clear that Respondent seeks to profit whenever Internet users mistakenly go to the <> domain name instead of Complainant’s <> domain name.  The Panel again notes that the content of the disputed domain name’s resolving websites is dominated by hyperlinks to websites controlled by both Complainant and Complainant’s competitors. The Panel finds that Respondent has registered and is using the <> domain name in bad faith pursuant to Policy ¶ 4(b)(iv).

Sedo auctions domains from the DSB Bank:, etc.

Sedo is auctioning off the domain portfolio from the DSB Bank N.V’s legacy. Sedo announced today that are going to be 3 special auctions that are taking place at Sedo in partnership with the bankruptcy trustees of the Dutch DSB Bank. Sedo will be running three auctions starting tomorrow to sell the domain portfolio from the DSB Bank N.V’s legacy.

The auction inventory includes domains like, and

When will the auctions take place?

1st auction:  January 31 - February 7
Inventory includes domains such as:,,

2nd auction: March 7 – March 14
Inventory includes domains such as:,,

3rd auction: March 14 - March 21
The remaining inventory will be auctioned off without reserve prices!

DSB Bank (DSB: Dirk Scheringa Beheer) was a Dutch bank and insurer. The company was founded in 1975. On 19 October 2009, the Amsterdam court declared DSB Bank to be in bankruptcy. didn’t sell at NameJet – Reserve was not met

The domain name didn't sell at NameJet. Highest bid was $3,500 USD but ironically the reserve price wasn't met. BIN is used as an acronym for a "Buy It Now" price which in this case was not met.

The auction had 211 bids from 203 bidders. There were 13 bidders with a $1,000 bid or higher.

Sedo sells 715 domains worth $1.42 million: sells at 60k USD and at 25k USD – Week 22/1-28/1 2013

This week, 715 transactions (1076 last week) took place on Sedo’s marketplace and via SedoMLS, totaling $1.42 million ($1.60 last week). Only 235 domains (241 last week) were reported by Sedo this week. The other domains were either private sales or domains that sold for less than 700 USD/EUR/GBP. Over 43% (42% last week) of total sales were the result of Buy Now listings. 43% is quite an impressive portion of total sales. Sedo will not reveal what is the Buy Now percentage of the public sales vs the percentage of the private sales. And will not reveal what percentage of the total sales value do the Buy Now listings represent.

The average domain name sales price was $1,986 ($1,487 last week).

This week's top sale is Name Admin Inc's at 60,000 USD.

Highlights of public sales:
Top domain overall: at 60,000 USD
Top .com domain: at 60,000 USD
Top .net domain: at 3,977 USD
Top .org domain: at 1,553 USD
Top .info domain: at 1,500 EUR
Top .biz domain: none reported
Top .us domain:
none reported
Top .xxx domain: none reported
Top ccTLD domain: at 25,000 USD
Top 2 character domain: none reported
Top 3 character domain: at 20,000 USD
Top 4 character domain: at 6,000 EUR
Top hyphenated domain: at 5,500 EUR
Top domain with at least one number: at 7,000 USD
Top numbers only domain: at 7,000 USD
Top Greek domain: at 2,300 EUR and at 1,350 EUR

Here are the 235 public and reported Sedo sales for the week 22/1 - 28/1 in 2013:

Domain name  Price Currency
.COMs         60.000 USD         35.000 USD         20.000 USD         18.000 USD         15.000 EUR         14.950 USD         11.000 EUR         10.000 USD           9.000 EUR           7.000 USD           6.900 USD           6.000 USD           6.000 EUR           6.000 USD           6.000 EUR           5.500 EUR           5.000 USD           5.000 USD           5.000 USD           4.999 USD           4.750 EUR           4.500 EUR           4.500 USD           4.000 USD           3.995 USD           3.800 EUR           3.500 USD           3.500 USD           3.500 EUR           3.400 USD           3.395 USD           3.250 USD           3.000 USD           3.000 USD           3.000 USD           2.900 USD           2.500 USD           2.500 USD           2.500 EUR           2.500 USD           2.500 USD           2.500 USD           2.500 USD           2.499 USD           2.395 USD           2.390 USD           2.300 USD           2.195 USD           2.000 USD           2.000 USD           2.000 USD           2.000 USD           2.000 USD           2.000 USD           2.000 USD           2.000 USD           1.888 USD           1.875 USD           1.795 USD           1.795 USD           1.795 USD           1.750 USD           1.650 USD           1.650 USD           1.600 USD           1.500 USD           1.500 USD           1.500 EUR           1.500 USD           1.500 EUR           1.500 USD           1.500 USD           1.500 EUR           1.500 USD           1.477 USD           1.450 USD           1.400 USD           1.400 USD           1.295 USD           1.295 USD           1.295 USD           1.295 USD           1.250 USD           1.250 EUR           1.250 USD           1.200 EUR           1.200 USD           1.200 USD           1.150 USD           1.100 USD           1.100 USD           1.050 EUR           1.050 USD           1.049 USD           1.000 EUR           1.000 USD           1.000 USD           1.000 USD           1.000 USD           1.000 USD           1.000 USD           1.000 USD           1.000 GBP           1.000 USD           1.000 USD           1.000 EUR           1.000 USD           1.000 USD              995 USD              990 USD              979 USD              975 USD              910 USD              900 USD              899 USD              899 USD              875 USD              870 USD              850 USD              820 USD              800 USD              800 USD              800 USD              800 USD              799 USD              790 EUR              760 EUR              758 USD              750 USD              750 USD              750 EUR              750 EUR              750 USD              750 USD              700 USD
Domain name  Price Currency
ccTLD         25.000 USD         10.000 USD           6.000 EUR           6.000 EUR           5.900 EUR           5.000 EUR           5.000 EUR           5.000 USD           4.000 EUR           4.000 USD           3.999 USD           3.850 USD           3.800 EUR           3.800 USD           3.500 EUR           3.200 USD           3.000 USD           3.000 GBP           3.000 EUR           3.000 EUR           2.900 EUR           2.582 EUR           2.500 USD           2.500 EUR           2.500 USD           2.300 EUR           2.250 EUR           2.000 EUR           2.000 USD           1.950 EUR           1.750 EUR           1.700 USD           1.700 EUR           1.500 EUR           1.500 EUR           1.500 USD           1.500 USD           1.500 USD           1.500 EUR           1.411 EUR           1.400 EUR           1.400 EUR           1.350 EUR           1.300 EUR           1.200 EUR           1.190 EUR           1.100 GBP           1.100 EUR           1.100 USD           1.050 USD           1.050 EUR           1.050 EUR
xxlmö           1.000 EUR           1.000 USD           1.000 EUR           1.000 EUR           1.000 USD              995 GBP              990 EUR              975 EUR              950 EUR              940 EUR              900 EUR              900 USD              875 EUR              850 EUR              850 EUR              825 EUR              821 EUR              800 EUR              800 EUR              800 EUR              799 EUR
kü              777 EUR              750 EUR              750 EUR              750 EUR              700 EUR              700 EUR
Domain name  Price Currency
OTHER           3.977 USD           3.600 USD           3.000 EUR           1.553 USD           1.500 EUR           1.500 EUR           1.250 EUR           1.140 USD           1.100 USD           1.000 USD           1.000 EUR           1.000 USD           1.000 EUR           1.000 USD              900 EUR              880 USD              850 EUR              850 USD              790 USD              750 USD              750 EUR

Frank Schilling’s (bathroom) sells for 60,000 USD at Sedo

Frank Schilling's company Name Admin Inc. ( just sold the domain name for 60,000 USD at Sedo. Salle De Bain is French for bathroom.

The domain was registered in 2001 and whois does not yet show who the buyer is. But the domain name was transferred to a French registrar so the buyer is probably French.

The interesting part is that while the domain was parked at Internet Traffic and was for sale at the domain sold at Sedo. This is probably because the buyer wanted to stay anonymous during the negotiations. This way Sedo made a $9,000 USD commission.

Barack Obama’s “Organizing For Action” fails to secure it’s domain names

Barack Obama's Organizing for Action has failed to secure any of the corresponding domain names.

The non profit organization failed to purchase any of it's domain names before the news about the group were announced on January 18th. The result is that most of the domains were registered by other individuals and companies on the same date. Here are just some of the domains already registered:

Organizing for Action (OFA) is a nonprofit social welfare organization and community organizing project affiliated with the Democratic Party. It is the successor of Barack Obama's 2012 re-election campaign and of Organizing for America, which itself succeeded Obama's 2008 campaign. Founded after President Obama's re-election, the group seeks to mobilize supporters in favor of Obama's legislative priorities. OFA is registered as a 501(c)(4) organization, which allows it to advocate for legislation but prohibits it from specifically supporting political candidates.