Google gets without a UDRP decision

Yesterday I wrote about how Google won a UDRP Complaint at the National Arbitration Forum for the domain name Google had an easy UDRP win as the Respondent failed to submit a Response in this proceeding. Google used it’s “google” trademark registration to win the dispute.

Today, I saw that a UDRP complaint for the domain name was withdrawn at the National Arbitration Forum. This was done because the domain has already been transferred to Google. The owner offered to transfer the domain to Google after it got the notice for the UDRP complaint and before a Panelist was appointed and a decision was out. This way Google agreed to withdraw the complaint.

Google probably went after this domain name as the Project Glass’s release is around the corner. Project Glass is a research and development program by Google to develop an augmented reality head-mounted display (HMD). The projected release date for the glasses is early 2013.

Amazingly Respondent registered the disputed domain name on October 2010 long before the “project glass” was announced. This was also the case for the domain

While Google owns the domain name it doesn’t own these domains:

One down, a few more to go. Which one is next?


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  1. I guess this means any url with the words “googleglass” would be treading upon google trademarks yes? I have many and won’t renew if that is the case

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