Buy Domains praising the benefits of having a 3 letter domain

Buy Domains sent it’s January 2013 newsletter, praising the benefits of having a short, three letter domain. BuyDomains recently acquired a large inventory of three letter domains.

Buy Domains says that choosing a domain that states exactly who you are and what you do, is fine as long as it not too long. If a domain is too long then it tends to be less desirable. This is where short, 3 letter domains come in very useful. While a long domain is good to claim your brand and prevent competitors from acquiring that web traffic, you can also consider choosing a three letter domain.



About Konstantinos Zournas

Konstantinos studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London and lives in Athens, Greece. He works on domain names, websites and software development. Has been online since 1995 & domaining since 2002.


  1. woke up with a hangover and decided you need to post something anyway… good work.

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