Frank Schilling’s (bathroom) sells for 60,000 USD at Sedo

Frank Schilling’s company Name Admin Inc. ( just sold the domain name for 60,000 USD at Sedo. Salle De Bain is French for bathroom.

The domain was registered in 2001 and whois does not yet show who the buyer is. But the domain name was transferred to a French registrar so the buyer is probably French.

The interesting part is that while the domain was parked at Internet Traffic and was for sale at the domain sold at Sedo. This is probably because the buyer wanted to stay anonymous during the negotiations. This way Sedo made a $9,000 USD commission.


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  1. frank schilling will never make any money on the internets. he should leave his mansion in the caymans and GO BACK TO CANADA!!! oooh… they speak french there in some places… i apologize.

  2. Why didn’t the buyer simply go through For a sale of $60,000 the total escrow cost would just be $534 and with complete privacy! doesn’t tell anyone. Sedo charges extra to keep it private. I’ve used to handle a number of transactions to parties in France with absolutely no problems. A money wire is required anyway in transactions over $5,000 US. No muss, no fuss.

    On the other hand, many of my sales through Sedo take forever. But, through it’s quick and easy, and the domain is pushed to the buyer the same day their funds are verified. This is not a commercial, just personal experience.

    • I think that the buyer didn’t want the seller to know who it was during the negotiations.

      Or maybe the buyer didn’t know that he/she could save money if he/she had contacted the seller direct.

      • Yes Mr. Z… but I’ve encountered some “fronts” in my domain dealings. A prospective buyer (or his associate) simply uses a free throw-away email address that gets the haggling and domain purchase out of the way.
        I’ve transferred domains through that had no name of the buyer at all. Had to make up something for the new account, like “their-domain .com Inc”. Buyer can change everything in their account in 15 seconds anyway. I believe the buyer needs just a working email address and a Postal address when purchasing a domain by wire transfer at Credit Card purchases are more involved. Proof is required from the buyer to match the card since no freight truck will be getting a signature from the buyer on delivery.

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