My 1st Uniregistry Domain Name Offer And Maybe Frank Send It My Way!

While I have received more than 15 offers for my New gTLD domain names (but haven’t sold any) today I got my first offer through Uniregistry, the registrar owned by Frank Schilling.

I am getting offers either directly by email or by prospective buyers visiting the lander of my New gTLD domains that are parked at the (DNS) platform but today I got an offer at DNS that seemed a bit strange at first. Instead of the usual DNS symbol next to my offer that looks like an RSS feed I saw the Uniregistry logo:


The buyer from Amsterdam made 7 offers until he made it over my minimum offer price that is set at $1,500 for all my domains at DNS. His last offer for my domains was for


The source was listed as Uniregistry. I wondered how the buyer ended up at Uniregistry. Then I checked to see who owns the 2 .com domains and and where these are parked. Both are parked with DNS and the plural is owned by Frank himself.

So could it be that the buyer was sent to Uniregistry after the .com negotiations failed so he would buy a New gTLD domain but instead of buying a free domain he ended up back at DNS inquiring about an aftermarket New gTLD domain? Was it Frank that send the buyer my way?

Mike Berkens complained that the Uniregistry Affiliate program had very disappointing results. That is probably true (100% true from PPC users) because people are used to buying free domains at their favorite registrar like Go Daddy but what about buyers that come from failed negotiations? Maybe they want the same word combination in a New gTLD and chances are, if the .com was very good, that the corresponding New gTLD will be taken too. So they are back at DNS but the New gTLD domain will cost a fraction of the price of the .com.

So even though you might not be making any affiliate money someone else at DNS could make some by selling a domain. DNS had the option to send a failed negotiation message and redirect the buyer to DNS to find other domains but I see that now this option has been replaced with the New gTLD Uniregistry affiliate link. Maybe we need to have both options.

I have not received any offers from Uniregistry for any of my other non New gTLD domains so maybe this message got the buyer thinking of buying a New gTLD domain.

So what do you think about “paying it forward”? Could this work for domaining? Would you redirect a lead to domains owned by other domainers?


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. So this would be lead syndication thru uniregistry directly, much like the Godaddy program which was recently concluded?

  2. Wonder if it is bug in the system. I think it would only make sense for them to send person your way if you had BIN pricing on domain so that DNS can earn a fee for the sale.

  3. Ah, crap! Left a lengthy response and it ended with “internal server error” 😀

    To summarize: passive affiliate linking does not work, but other methods work. Generated about 400k clicks last month and a nice conversion rate.

    The .photos inquiry might have come from direct lookup at Uniregistry.

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