How To Use: Uniregistry Affiliate Plus Program and Integration

The Uniregistry Affiliate Plus (UAP) Program that allows parking customers another avenue by which they can monetize their names has published a “how to” guide.

Last week Uniregistry announced the new domain name affiliate program, called Affiliate Plus, and a few days later they announced the first integration between and Uniregistry.

Traditionally, PPC parking revenue places a set of advertisements or search links on parked pages. When visitors to the pages click on the ads, money is earned by the owner of the domain name. Participation in the UAP program places other ads or links on parked pages when clicked on and visitors continue on to register, renew or transfer domain names at Uniregistry, a healthy commission (currently up to 35%) is paid to owner of the parked domain. These earnings are in perpetuity for as long as the name is registered by the original registrant. Read more about the program here

Participation in this program is easy. It can be done in 2 steps.

1. Go to your Portfolios/Affiliates page within the Settings tab in your account and select a portfolio to edit.


2. Select to place the Uniregistry Affiliate Plus ad on the parking lander currently being monetized for PPC parking for those names.


With these two steps, you’re done.

Optionally, you could build a portfolios of names that gets low PPC parking revenue and high traffic and select these names to have a Uniregistry Affiliate Plus only lander. If you select this (as shown below), your parking page will become a search box for Uniregistry domain names and allow you to make money on names that wouldn’t otherwise make any.


In order to review how much traffic and revenue you have earned, visit the “Affiliate Reports” page found under the Reports tab in the main menu.

Affiliate reports option

Here is what your landers will look like in both cases:

1) Uniregistry Affiliate Plus Program ads


2) Uniregistry Affiliate Plus Only lander



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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. Curious to know if educating end users about gtld’s could cost traditional .com/.net/.org sales, food for thought?

  2. I appreciate you and everyone getting familiar with our program. Affiliate Plus really gets more interesting and should begin to drive better conversions as more viable extensions at lower prices come out. For example next week Uniregistry launches .LINK .. This will be a $9.88 retail string with a recurring 35% commission for affiliates. .CLUB will be on offer two weeks after that, and still later, as other better extensions come out, the opportunity to earn recurring revenues will reveal itself.

    In answer to the first comment, we are honestly not seeing any cannibalization “yet” on new TLDs vs existing SLD sales, in fact this should be our best March and April ever over at DNS. These have been very strong months (strangely so)

    Also bear in mind that most Good names in new extensions will still be unavailable due to registry withholding, ICANN Alternative Path to Delegation (APD) lists and domain investor mining. Bringing more diamonds out of the ground does not make the price of diamonds go down.

    The best use of Affiliate Plus in these early days is as a strong discounting mechanism on your own investments and if you are an affiliate marketer you will find dozens of ways to use the program to your advantage.

    One thing is certain. This is truly a golden age of naming. In 10 years you will remember these times, when everything was available. There has never been a time that I can recall where so much innovation in naming happened so quickly. It’s exciting.

    Remember to buy names at registration price (avoid higher priced premiums with premium renewals), buy your names at a good registrar like and don’t buy 100 names in 1 day unless they’re great. Good name portfolios get built over time.

    Good luck everyone.

    • is this a promotion threat ?

      @ frank
      i am still pissed off about u .. u wasted my time with ur tattoo. promised that all will be avaiable but every “diamond” was reserved by golive.
      i wrote a mail to u. asked for a domain. but no answer.
      a month later i saw the domain on domainnamesales and asked them directly. the answer was 5000$ .. so please stop talking about golden age bla bla

      for sure u understand if i dont feel trust with u and ur products atm

      but time will tell. lets see whats happen next thusday. everything can change 😉

        this domains makes absolutely no sense. but they are all reserved

        i just typed 3 letters on my keyboard: reserved !

        is this because of ICANN Alternative Path to Delegation (APD) lists and domain investor mining ?

      • is in the name-collision list.
        Domain “” is available for registration.

        Use this whois:
        It will tell you what domains are in collision, what are reserved by Frank and which are available.

  3. I’m wondering if a commission rate table has been published yet?

    I know that a 35% commission rate has been stated in various articles; however, I believe that rate only applies to Uniregistry sponsored extensions (e.g. .tattoo, .sexy, .links, etc.).

    Has any list been published detailing the commission structure for existing extensions (e.g. .com, .net, .org) and/or for new gTLD’s NOT sponsored by Uniregistry (e.g. Donuts sponsored extensions such as .guru, .equipment, .holiday, etc)?

    Such a table/list would be especially useful for those considering transferring part/all of their portfolio over to Uniregistry (in order to calculate the Δ between prices at current registrar vs. Uniregistry).

    ~~ Using .com as example ~~
    Uniregistry published .com price = $12.88
    a) minus commission (@ 15%) = -$1.93 ∴ final price = $10.95
    b) minus commission (@ 20%) = -$2.58 ∴ final price = $10.30
    c) minus commission (@ 25%) = -$3.22 ∴ final price = $9.66


    • …replying to myself:

      According to an article today on DomainGang (click link in my signature) for .com & .net domains, Uniregistry is offering 30% commission to it’s affiliates (for new purchases, renewals, and/or transfers).

      So, if my calculations are correct, that means the cost to self-register/renew/transfer domains would be:

      Uniregistry published .COM price = $12.88
      affiliate commission (@ 30%) = $3.86
      ∴ final .com price = $9.02

      Uniregistry published .NET price = $10.88
      affiliate commission (@ 30%) = $3.26
      ∴ final .net price = $7.62

      Those prices look more reasonable for sure. For comparison, the prices at GoDaddy’s Discount Domain Club (DDC)** are lower for .com ($8.47) but higher for .net ($7.99).

      **DDC membership = $90/yr

      Has anyone seen the 30% figure officially published by Uniregistry (on its’ site or via an official press release?)

  4. Konstantinos,

    FYI – for the comment I just left above, the ‘information/link’ header that shows is:

    confer on April 11, 2014 at 1:57 am said:

    But, it’s only April 10, 2014 – 19:01 EDT where I am. Is the incorrectly posted date/time showing-up because of a wonky setting on my computer, or with your blog settings?


  5. Frank,

    Not sure how to break this newsflash to you, but your extensions are silly, serve no purpose and do not represent a line of commerce.

    .TATTOO? C’mon. Really, man?

    Just a few years ago, you were telling your blog readers that it’s .com or die. Now, you are trying to convince everyone that the world needs a .link extension? Well, it doesn’t. A link is a link. A link is something you do, not spell out in your domain name.

    Sexy is something you are. Not something you spell out.

    A tattoo goes on your body, not your web address.

    Surely you remember .mobi. The gtld’s are all about to suffer the same fate. No difference at all.

    Yeah, yeah, we have heard your well-rehearsed argument saying that you’re doing this for the next generation, but I don’t care what generation you are targeting. No one will want these, use them and, most importantly, pay for them. They definitely won’t renew them. Not just yours, but all of the gtld’s.

    Sorry to be the harsh truth bearer and I truly admire what you have accomplished, but I think you need to start looking for a more viable business plan. Sooner would be better than later. The gtld’s are an obvious .fail and they just ain’t gonna get any traction today, tomorrow or ever.

    Donuts is already giving Baker’s dozen coupons to buy 12, get one free. Not a good sign is it?

    The one that seems to be moving the fastest is .guru. If that one is the best, that tells us the others must be pathetic since that one is pretty dumb.

  6. Agree that the baker’s dozen promotion seems like an act of desperation and weak sales.

    Agree that .Guru is stupid.

    Agreed that most gtld’s are not worth the renewal fee, let a lone a premium.

    Disagree that .photo has merit. Just don’t see it. Seems obvious that it is destined to get confused with .photographer, .picture and .photos. Also, many prospective visitors will accidentally go to the .com and misdirect emails as well, a fate to be suffered by all gtld registrants.

    Agree that .Tattoo is dumb and has little, if any, commercial appeal or value.

    Agree that I may be sexy but would never want a domain containing that sentiment. Would you?

    Agree that, for the most part, gtld’s are stupid and will not be desireable.

    Agree that Frank should reconsider and focus his time and energy on his .com collection.

    Agree that all gtlds will probably fail; and, if better ones are to be eventually introduced, they better hurry up if they want to even have a remote shot at survival. Otherwise, they will be pulled into the blackhole vacuum created by the other loser extensions. Each day is another nail in the sickly gtld coffin.

    Agree that it is wrong that so many gtlds are being reserved and sold at premiums. Wasn’t the intent to increase availability?

    Overall, total fail.

  7. Does anybody know who WhatBox is out of Beverly Hills, I have seen their name on many whois lookups, and how they always get premium domains with unknown TM’s?

    first name I found that was not registered on collision or uniregistry out of a dozen was, but this company already took it a few days ago, I can’t see how they could have TM access to such a common term?


    Here are the Uniregistry phone numbers below.

    Phone: 345-749-6263 (NAME)
    Fax: 345-746-6263 (NAME)

    Yes they look like your typical U.S. area code phone number but they are not. Uniregistry is based in the Cayman Islands and these are international phone numbers. I called to speak with Uniregistry a few weeks ago and was charged a whopping $98.34 for the phone call.

    Get an 800 number Uniregistry. Ridiculous!!!!!

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