The Afternic premium network list is a MESS

You know that list of registrars that Afternic claims to have on their Afternic Premium Network that are using Fast-Transfer (FT)?

Well it turns out the list is either completely outdated or it was inaccurate from the start. Either way it is a mess and a disgrace to GoDaddy and Afternic.

I was trying to find out the range of prices that my domains with Buy-It-Now (BIN) prices have on different Afternic partners. (A domain with a $10,000 BIN price could be for sale for $9,700 or even $12,500+ depending on the Afternic FT partner but that is another story.)

So I searched for my domain on some registrars from the list that are on the Afternic Premium Network. After a couple of successful searches I tried Hover (Tucows). I got NOTHING! My domain was just shown as TAKEN.

Then I tried a few more registrars. When I reached 10+ registrars from the list that were not currently Afternic partners I just stopped!

Here are a few of the registrars I found that are NOT currently working members of the Afternic Premium Network (i.e. my domains listed on Afternic with a BIN are not displayed as available to register for a premium price on this registrar.) although they are displayed on this list:

  • Uniregistry
  • Hover
  • Tucows
  • BulkRegister (it closed on June 10th!)
  • SAV
  • NameSilo
  • Enom
  • Enom Central
  • eName
  • Joker
  • Key-Systems
  • United Domains
  • EuroDNS

This is pathetic. Is the list so outdated? Has Afternic lost so many important partners? Why?

Uniregistry????!!!!! What is wrong with you people????

I found an old version of this list and the 2 registrars I found that have been removed are Moniker and of course Epik.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.



    Hello, thanks for the research, a very useful post. so whats an alternative?

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      I will try Sedo in the next coming months although it is almost a zombie company.
      Afternic’s biggest asset is Godaddy. Without Godaddy afternic is worse than Sedo.
      My only hope now is DAN but we have to wait for that.

  2. Afternic has the worst dashboard, very user unfriendly.

    I have a strong feeling they want Afternic to fail and die!!

    No idea why people use Afternic when there are better cleaner platform like Dan and cheaper too.

  3. Not having Uniregistry shows how little they care about the domain investing community. Guess it doesn’t generate enough $$$ to care about, always has been a head scratcher. seems to lack trust from the end user side of things, and you are right about Sedo, not sure who’s selling names there anymore.

    • Of course Dan doesn’t have trust. It’s a dumb name for domain sales. Incongruent.

      When you’ve never heard of them before, no insider knowledge… you land on one of these pages and immediately think “Who the f* is Dan?? (and what the hell does he have to do with domains?)”

      They don’t even tell you what the acronym means on their main pages.

      To take a “brandable” word and make it mean something, you have to brand it. Godaddy, for all it’s flaws, at least did that with Super Bowl commercials.

      It’d be far better if Dan had a more obvious name. I think their previous Undeveloped name was better, because at least that concept connects to domains. But they could find one even better than that.

      That way, Dan can have the technological superiority and inspire high offers, too. Right now, it’s rather backwards, with Afternic inspiring higher sales w/their GoDaddy branding, with everything in the backend being junk.

  4. What do you mean “you people”?

  5. How timely, thank you — my coworker just alerted me to problems related to this. If I go to Namesilo and search for one of our domains that is in Fast Transfer, the link with the min. bid goes not to Namesilo but to Sedo. Sedo is currently functioning as a Premium Network partner while Namesilo and Moniker (for example) are not.

  6. Thanks for sharing, In my last question to an experienced colleague like you, he replied that Afternic for quality domain, the answer was obvious because selling a lot in Afternic, accepting his advice and I am at the moment in Afternic, Dan, Efty, Sedo only for Showcase domains.

  7. Ouch! Could it be the current list is the banner appearing on their frontpage!? There are only 9 names showing … including GoDaddy! This is a very different list than the link you’re pointing to (it is FAR shorter!)

  8. There are bugs in Afternic if there are, first start with
    Uniregistry was not there before, as now in the Afternic Premium Network and on its blog I report
    I can use Fast transfer Afternic because I have had a customer account since 2007
    Uniregistry Marketplace remains the same as what is written in the previous post although now there is verification of domains Added in Afternic from Uniregistry.

    Now see what I copy and paste
    How can I get my domain in front of more buyers?
    Fast-transfer domains must have a buy now price and be registered through GoDaddy, DynaDot, DomainDiscover, TierraNet, Network Solutions,, Global Partnership Group, eNom, eNomCentral, BulkRegister,, Hover, EuroDNS,, 123 Reg, DomainBox, Heart Internet, Regtons, MyDomain,, Dotster, Namesilo, Hexonet, NamePal, Epik,, or List your domain names through the Premium Network – making your domain fast-transfer domain gives you the highest level of exposure – 75 million searches by prospective buyers each month at the highest average sales prices.
    the source is this
    and it doesn’t match

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