Epik acquires DNForum

Epik announced that it has acquired the domain name forum DNForum.com.

Robert Davis, EVP Communications, made the announcement:

“It is with great excitement that Epik also announces its acquisition and planned integration of DNForum.

As the oldest community of domain investors and collectors in our industry, we recognize the tremendous opportunity it represents to extend new opportunities and financial empowerment through its experienced membership base.

Stay tuned for official announcements and invitations to check out new resources, content, and special promotions.

Epik customers can also use their existing Single Sign On login to create their identity, as part of the Epik universe of great products and services on offer. We are excited for the future, and all the good things that are to come!”


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Konstantinos,

    Personally We think EPIC is going to wind up laying an Egg, with this marketing Strategy. Personally We have avoided two domainers Platform destinations. Domain Name Forum is one of them. Too much misleading information , not a reliable source of factual information of the quality We demand for our followers. JAS 7/6/2021
    Gratefully and respectfully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) Metal Tiger
    Former : (Rockefeller I.B.E.C. Strategic Marketing Analyst/Strategist)
    (Licensed C.B.O.E. Hedge Strategist)
    Domain Master : (UseBiz.com) / (USeBiz.com)

    • Jeff I see that you took what I last wrote to heart and have embraced the truth about how it was originally “USeBiz” since “Use Biz” just doesn’t work or fly at all, though I see it’s still hard to let go of the revision…

  2. Namepros is the domain forum of the industry, what purpose does another serve? A breading ground for all the obnoxoious ppl banned from Namepros? No thanks, those toxic people were annoying enough before banned… why would anyone want to go find them on another site??

    • You’re a sick person.

      No time to waste this time with an eloquent statement about how flawed your attitude is and what’s going on in society beyond saying that. Not in the mood for your kind of nonsense today.

      • Billy Robertson

        How can you call someone a sick person with knowing nothing about them but a random thought?

        You might just be the riffraff going to DNForum he was talking about staying away from? Why prove him correct?

      • I can’t help it, Billy, I’m just really gifted that way. There’s no credit whatsoever to myself at all, it’s just how God made me. That’s why, for example, I could practically read people’s minds just from looking at graphics on the screen and chatting at an online poker game on Facebook that was the best one there, even branded as WSOP for a while and part of a subsidiary of Disney when it was operating on Facebook, and wound up on the leader board when it shut down some years ago, despite never having had anything within a million or even a billion miles of the real world high level poker experience so many of the top players there actually did have (chat was a big part of it too where you got to know the top regulars). So, to me it’s just self-evident that “Leo” here is actually more one of those hateful/hate-filled “obnoxoious ppl,” bigots, and “toxic people” he refers to there, someone full of bias, a dishonest mind, and engaging in something more like a case of psychological projection here. He may even be the same person who commented similarly shortly after this at another blog under a different name, but I won’t go into that now.

        But frankly Billy, if you don’t see a problem with a comment like his, then you are suspect yourself. Let’s just take even the first sentence alone, let alone the rest, “Namepros is the domain forum of the industry, what purpose does another serve?” If you don’t see a problem with that, then I’m thinking you’ve got a problem in your thinking yourself…

        Thank you for commenting and sharing, and carry on…

  3. TldInvestors deleted the TRUTH about Epik, scared of people knowinq:

    Epik fulll of people makinq fake accounts on social media to push ur/their agenda, shift convorsations, gave appearance of importence, no comments on-line about their sites can be trusted, their all stuffed ballets, the real world doesnt know them or care. Not sorry to give bad news about ur echo chamber

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