tlds and its database is for sale and its database is for sale and will be sold this week. I would never touch this AD infected swampland.

Here is what the email I received said: and it’s Database of 535,000 Domainers will be sold this week!

“ is currently for sale along with it’s database of 535,000 Domainers. Many of the Domainers have more than 10-10000 domains. Lots of potential business for the right company. If interested email with an offer or any questions you may have. Only offers received through the email will be considered. This will be a fast, smooth transaction. Management”


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. I agree that the way this email handles the intended sale is far from perfect. It should have been a private deal, instead of this note, that definitely upsets all members.

    I hope that whoever buys DNForum, the original domain name forum where many of us met each other since 2002, and learned about domaining, gives it a brand new beginning.

    The discussions and sales archive serves a historical purpose as well. I’ve successfully completed hundreds of transactions on DNForum and I’ll be sad if it’s shut down. No industry needs monopolies. The more platforms exist to communicate and trade on, the better.

  2. I would boycott these clowns, and their site, Adam drove it into the ground, these guys tried, and knew they can’t beat namepros, and they are dead in the water. The email list is crap, probably majority bounced, or blocked emails because Adam used to sell it to crappy developers.

  3. I will bid $1000 for them to burn to the ground

  4. I think it is important and has value to preserve it if the original content still exists. There are occasionally also things from the past I want to refer back to there.

  5. Monopolies are also a dangerous thing. JUST LOOK at how much the domain name industry has already been nearly decimated by monopolies and active enemies like Google.

  6. Shane Cultra censored my comment (included). I bet Shane Cultra or one of his goons (Andy Rosener) are trying to buy it and that’s why they’re censoring comments and trying to act like it still has value.

    My comment:

    Tainted or not doesn’t matter.

    DN Forum is worthless. Literally, not worth a penny. This isn’t conjecture; it’s reality. It’s been proven again and again in the public. Clear as day.

    How many suckers have to waste thousands of dollars buying DN Forum before they get the hint and stop falling for it? You can’t bring it back. It will never come back. Quit thinking you’re better than the last person to try; you’re not. That’s how a sucker thinks, and the owner will always be hoping for another sucker after they realize they were suckered. It’s a vicious and wasteful cycle.

    Spend that money on a good premium domain and you’ll get a ROI. Spend it on DN Forum and you’ll lose your money. Plain and simple.

  7. Yes DNForum is tainted by its old owner yo have got to give credit due to the other two domainers who bought it from Adam and tried to make it a success. The historical listings of domains ect alone is well worth the price asking. wish the sellers all best with domain if it gets sold good luck to new owner as they are going to need it.

  8. Someone should write about the new owner that was accused of shill bidding:

  9. It’s a dead site with no traffic now, just these clowns running the show and harrassing members and now even trying to dis-credit for all the members that paid for ‘ Gold and Platinum ‘ memberships, they are saying that we will remove the badges, so they can get some money out of this dead forum, probably they bought it for pennies.

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