Sedo is removing my non-resolving (but registered) domain names from it’s database

Sedo send me an email with the subject “Removal of domains with inactive DNS entries from Sedo” telling me that it will remove 486 domains from my account within 7 days unless I use active nameservers:

“To ensure that you are earning the most with your domains listed with Sedo, we have recently completed a series of domain name server (DNS) tests to detect inactive domains. These checks are designed to identify domains in your account that do not currently benefit from Sedo’s marketplace or domain parking.

In our latest DNS test, we noticed there are domains listed in your account with inactive DNS records. Domains with inactive DNS records have a lower chance of a sale and they are unable to profit from domainparking. A common reason for inactive DNS records is the expiration of a domain. If you still own these domains, you can prevent their removal from your account by simply adding name servers. If your registrar does not provide these automatically, or if you wish to benefit from Sedo’s domain parking program, you may use Sedo’s:

Primary Name S erver: NS1.SEDOPARKING.COM
Secondary Name Server: NS2.SEDOPARKING.COM

The list below includes the domains that you have listed with Sedo that have inactive DNS records. Please be sure to update the name servers for each of these domains through your registrar account by May/25/13, or they will be removed from Sedo’s database.”

Sure there are domains in there that I dropped or sold but there are also 100+ domains that are using myown nameservers and point to my own sales lander while some for one reason or another are not resolving. I don’t understand why Sedo wants to remove these domains from their database. There is no requirement for domains to have nameservers or that the domains resolve to a website. I can have 1000s domains listed atSedo with whatever nameservers I want and I can also have all these domains not resolve to any website. I can even have no nameservers at all and still list the domains for sale at Sedo. I know that I will have a lower chance of a sale but that is my choice and not Sedo’s.

When a domain name doesn’t resolve it can mean a number of things. Just one of these things is that thedomain has expired and dropped.

I am not sure why this is happening but I expect a reasonable explanation by Sedo. And that can only be “we don’t want your domains listed at Sedo because…” or “our automatic parser has a bug”. Of course this email came from a “do-not-reply” email address so I have to create a support ticket to resolve this.

They can remove my domains if they don’t want them, I don’t mind, but at least I expect an explanation and not Sedo’s buggy parser to remove them arbitrarily. I emailed Sedo and it took them 8 days to respond. Their response was practically that I should do their job. They want me to compile the list of the registereddomains and send them to them. I said no thanks. They can remove all my domains for all I care. 95% of them are using my lander and


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. Sedo wants your domain to be parked, so that they get to keep 80%+ of your click earnings.

  2. Acro I thought it was like 90%. LOL.

    I am finding that just redirecting to an affiiliate program makes more money in some cases. Dump them and go dns

  3. Extortion at best, the sedo ship sank back in 2012….

    Sedo listen carefully retool, get rid of the blind buyer process for high ranking sellers, you have a great payment, and transfer platform that is losing millions per month.

    Change the concept, you will double revenue

  4. Amazing, it’s a shame! Hope they have a good explanation for this. Konstantinos, please keep us updated on this.

  5. The reason for this is probably along these lines: domains can be validated offline just by looking at the .com zone file. No need to do a live whois query. On the other hand domain names with no name servers are not in the zone file.
    But since Sedo is a .com registrar they have access to the Verisign DB anyway.
    I think they are still following an old process from their pre-registrar days.

    But the bottom line is that it should be possible to sell domains even if they are not resolving.

  6. Until, SEDO makes their platform transparent as to WHO THE HELL is trying to buy my names, they can remove all my names. If they decide to be transparent, I may consider parking my names with SEDO. If you are a domain name owner, your best position is on Domain Name Sales, where the prospect must first identify him or herself. We don’t need a peep hole, we need the buyer to identify him or herself. They know who I am, I need to know who they are. Word. I used to love SEDO until I saw better.

  7. I agree with Acro, that’s why I removed all my names from Sedo long ago. I’ve been using DNS – InternetTraffic since 2012 and I’m happy with it. 🙂

  8. Sedo’s problem:
    An low ball offer comes in at Sedo by an unknown customer via Godaddy’s auction scam, the seller has no idea who it is, so he places a high price to cover all angles, plus the 20% commission (outrageous). The buyer then goes to the parked page which is at and wonders, “i wonder what the price is here?”
    Here the price may be lower at domain name sales because the commissions are lower by almost 10%. Sedo created that problem. Now, they are making it Worst.

    • So I will remove my domains from all other platforms Sedo, Afternic, Go daddy(that sedo added there) etc. and stick with DNS.
      Some buyers think that different venues will give them different prices for the same domain. (And in the case you describe they maybe right.)
      But many buyers email me and when they don’t like the price they make an offer at Sedo like it is someone else that will counter their offer! 🙂

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