Misdirected emails containing sensitive information

Over the years I have received many misdirected emails on websites I am operating or contact form messages from domain names I own.

I get these on all extensions but mainly .com, .org and .gr. A lot of people are confused and they mistakenly type an email address that is typically simpler than the intended address.

But this is the first time today I got an email asking me to delete an email containing sensitive information:

I accidentally sent an email to this domain when I intended to send it to a similar, but different, domain. If it was received, please permanently delete it upon receipt as it contains sensitive information.
Thank you.

I don’t have email activated for this domain name so their email message must have bounced. Anyway, I am not even sure they sent the email to my domain name or some other domain.

I informed the person contacting that I don’t have email activated. If I had received the email message then I would have deleted it.

BTW, the domain name is a .us and not a domain I would describe as a very popular keyword.

This situation is something that happens often and usually people don’t even notice it. It is a very serious situation that can lead to compromised information or customer/revenue loss.


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  1. Email is so insecue, I had a legal dispute. the Lawyer for the other side did a “reply all” and somehow I was in all.

    He told his client their whole legal strategy and the one risk of some case law which he actually named, he also included about 20 years of previous emails (at least it felt like it).

    I was in the group he sent it to so I had to assume I was entitled to read it.

    Anyway I won and they had to pay his costs.

    The biggest issue is predictive text and predictive email address where you start writing it and it completes it.

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