GoDaddy statement regarding

GoDaddy issued a statement regarding the removal of the website from GoDaddy registrar and hosting.

Why did GoDaddy suspend services to

On January 8, we received a complaint regarding certain content on Per our policy, our team investigated the content in question and confirmed it violated our terms of service because it incited violence.  On that same day, we notified that they had 24 hours to remove the content, or their domain name would be suspended. responded that the content had been removed, yet when we checked to confirm, the site showed the content still live.  Accordingly, we suspended services on January 11.

Although we informed they had 24 hours to take action, we actually provided them with 53 hours to remove the content. Again, because the content was not removed, we followed our terms of service and suspended services to

Does GoDaddy plan to take the same action with other gun sites?

GoDaddy supports a free and open Internet.  We do not take action on complaints that would constitute censorship of content that represents the exercise of freedom of speech and expression on the Internet. In instances where a site goes beyond the mere exercise of these freedoms, however, and crosses over to promoting, encouraging, or otherwise engaging in violence, as was the case with, we will take action.

(Meanwhile moved to a new registrar,, and CloudFlare.)


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  1. BTW, GoDaddy are into “wire fraud”.

    See this

  2. Saw these shared on other networks. Might be helpful. Do not be fooled though. GoDaddy is not the friend of civil liberties or future rights. If domain investors do not let their voices be heard, then it will only be a matter of time before they are throttling or marginalizing opportunities to punish “deplorables” and reward the conformed. Horrific examples of double standards, deleting firearm and covid names while supporting others (just look at their Afternic listings!). The public is growing tired of GoDaddy’s positions on near every subject, and prediction for 2021 is mass exodus as there own past comments, emails, letters, and private positions come out to haunt them.

    Great statement by the Arf:

    Please. Let your voices be heard with your wallets. The signs are everywhere, and practical reactions with sound minds are better than complaints post being too late.

  3. That is good to know. I will be moving my website and ending my relationship with

  4. As I commented yesterday at DNW after watching the relevant portion of the video Nolan posted above:


    I just watched the first 7 minutes of this video giving’s side of the story which Charles posted above, and I highly recommend everyone else with an interest in this topic and the issues involved do as well.

    It’s not about me, and nothing is about me, but here’s a little about me: I’m an inveterate “truth seeker.” Always evaluating everything, no matter who it is or where it’s from. I’m even a former fed during a brief chapter of my life years ago and one for which I am thankful, a federal officer of Uncle Sam himself, trained and conditioned to ascertain and question bull***t. How many domain blog commenters can say that, ay? 😉

    So here are my thoughts on the first 7 minutes of that video:

    1. I suspect GoDaddy is lying, full of s**t, slinging bull***t.

    2. I suspect those guys with are not lying but are telling the truth.

    3. I suspect GoDaddy simply did what it wanted to do regardless of the other side not only complying, but having already taken care of the issue with their own moderators as they indicated. I suspect GoDaddy feels perfectly entitled to do what they did as well because of the kind of “unconscionable” and “unreasonable” antisocial clauses they and others tend to put in their documents which essentially say things like “notwithstanding the above, we can do anything and everything we ever want, no matter what it is, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

    4. Right now I doubt very much the above is not the accurate truth regarding each side of the story.

    5. Side note: seem like a bunch of intelligent, interesting, thoughtful, even slightly “geeky” or “nerdy” guys insofar as that’s possible with such subject matter – anything but “redneck.” Rather glad I even discovered this site because of this matter.

    6. I’m always open minded to any possible provable and *true* revision, but I most definitely won’t be holding my breath, and would even be willing to bet money on the above. And since gambling is neither *intrinsically* “sinful” or even a “vice,” if there was a current events related online gambling venue covering such a topic I could even do just that. 😉

    Watch the first minutes of the video and decide for yourself, folks.

  5. Godaddy provides services to BLACKLISTED (by usgov) companies.

    They’re simply facilitating their Chinese friend again.

  6. Show the content and let US judge! I’m cancelling my GoDaddy!

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