What is going on at Namejet?

What is going on at Namejet? People that have been with the company for years are departing from the domain name auction platform. Namejet’s parent company is Web.com.

Jonathan Tenenbaum left Namejet very recently and was named COO of MediaOptions soon after.

Jonathan Tenenbaum was a Corporate Counsel at Web.com and then the Namejet General Manager for many years. He then became the Vice President of Aftermarket Strategy and Revenue at Web.com (Namejet’s parent company) and last year he was the Associate General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer at Web.com.

Today, I read that Scott Pruitt, Domain Aftermarket Brand Manager at Web.com (specifically at Namejet), has also left the company and looking for a new job in the domain name industry.

I can see on LinkedIn that Nick Tram, Account Manager at NameJet, and Karel Klicman are still with the company but I am not 100% sure because their profiles could be out of date. (Scott Pruitt still shows up as a Namejet employee on LinkedIn.) No other of the Namejet employees appear on LinkedIn.

Namejet has been losing business and registrar partners for years for its expired domain name auctions. Registrars have been moving their expired inventory to GoDaddy auctions.

Namejet also lost the NamesCon auction that moved to GoDaddy auctions. That makes sense as NamesCon is owned by GoDaddy.

Finally, Namejet has had more than its fair share of scandals in the past few years especially with shill bidding and front-running and has lost its credibility among domain name investors.


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  1. I haven’t been around long enough to know the whole story but they are killing a golden goose. Literal money printing machine that they let fall to shit.

  2. Two people leaving in the middle of a pandemic?

    It can’t be true, you mean people left or were fired when companies were facing less income, having staff work from home or put on furlough, surely not?

    How many people do they even employ?

    Did you ping their PR people to ask how they are affected by Pandemic and are the rumours of 500 job cuts at Namejet true?

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      I wrote “leaving” cause I am not sure if they were fired or not. It is possible they were fired.

      500 job cuts??? They probably have 10-15 employees.

  3. Maybe they’d be doing a lot better if Estibot figures weren’t made to appear with listings.

  4. I admit NameJet is losing its shine, surprising to see such a big company finally losing its business. May be the management lost interests in the business.

  5. Web fired many people in NameJet. I think heavy reports coming out domains being stolen in large numbers from Network Solution company. Andrew put spin on JT and left out big parts. They belong together.

  6. Many people are gone from Web.com as well , seems they needed to cut some costs

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