The Namescon domain auction will use Namejet after all


Monte Cahn confirmed on Twitter that the Namescon 2019 domain name auction will use Namejet for its backend after all.

Last week I wrote that the Namescon auction was going to be running on GoDaddy auctions. It seemed logical since GoDaddy now owns the Namescon conference.

My article was based on the Right Of The Dot auction submission page that was since corrected by Monte.

Joe Styler of Godaddy denied that the Namescon auction was running on GoDaddy.

A couple of days later Monte Cahn said that the Namescon auction is going to be on Namejet once again and that GoDaddy will be submitting some great premium owned and operated names to auction and helping with promotion and marketing!

Confirmed – RightOfTheDot and NameJet will be running the pre bidding on the NameJet system as well as the extended auction. GoDaddy will be submitting some great premium owned and operated names to auction and helping with promotion and marketing!

The fixes to the submission pages will be made shortly

The submission page now says:

Auction submissions are now OPEN for the NamesCon / RightOfTheDot Live and Online Auctions January 28 – February 13, 2019.

The live/online auction will take place starting January 28, 2019 at 4pm PST. The live auction will end at 7 pm PST. Pre-bidding will start in December 2018, with post-auction extended bidding running through February 13, 2019. Pre-bidding and the Extended Auction will be available through our partner

I really don’t understand what actually happened here. The TOS had 13 mentions of GoDaddy when I read it. That was no misspell. (BTW there is still a mention of GoDaddy in the auction TOS.)

And yes it was time for a change in the Namescon auction. Maybe next year.

Finally, I have to mention that my previous article was sponsored on but I have no idea by whom. It was not GoDaddy, I am 99,99% sure it was not Namejet or Monte Cahn so my guess is that someone from Namescon did it. Someone that doesn’t know where the Namescon auction is held? I have no other explanation…


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