5 things you don’t want to see from a potential buyer!

I got a domain name inquiry from a potential buyer. The domain is a 4 letter .com domain. It is not a word but it has good letters in it.

The inquiry came from a generic looking free Yahoo email address from an IP in Santa Monica, California. I know the domain has a few deep-pocketed potential buyers and I will not let it go for less than 6-figures. I didn’t give a price on my first reply (but later on) and I was right to do so.

The first reply came from the same email address but “From” had a different name that the name of the person that was sending the emails and the actual name in the yahoo email address.

To make things clearer (using fakes names):

  • Name in contact form: john doe
  • Name in email address: john.doe87@ yahoo
  • Name signing the emails: john doe
  • Name in “From” field in the email: Martin John

So starting from that email and from the next few emails I found out that this buyer has a lot of traits that you don’t want to see in a potential buyer of your domain name.

So this potential buyer has 5 things you don’t want to see from a potential buyer:

  1. A buyer that is hiding behind a free email address.
  2. A buyer that is probably using one or 2 fakes names. (and a fake name in the email address)
  3. A buyer that doesn’t agree with your domain name valuation. In my situation that is without giving any reasons and not really disagreeing with any of my multiple valuation points. He only said “Why is (****.com) considered a premium domain name? Perhaps if it was premium, it would have already been sold and not available.” and then “I respectfully disagree with your price.”
  4. A buyer that says that he wants to negotiate but after 5 emails he has not made a single offer.
  5. And a buyer that because he is probably using a fake email address he is not checking his email often! In this case I get a reply every month or so. We started talking in June!

Or maybe you want to see a potential buyer hiding like this because it means they have deep pockets??? 🙂

Will this be a good sale or is he just a tire kicker? (A lot of) Time will tell!


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. I get these kind of emails all the time . These potential buyers already know all about you (the seller) and as a matter of fact some of them are here blogging and you know most of them. They are just hiding behind the skirts.
    Some even use VPN to spook the IP locations.


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    Professional Internet Real Estate Investor
    Professional Digital Real Estate Investor

  2. First of all email, I have two dedicated email addresses just for domain management, otherwise I miss stuff, I lost 3 domains due to Covid family issues keeping me from my monthly renewals, one of them is now listed for $250k although I doubt they will ever get anywhere near that.

    I never use my main email online (that my family or doctor would use), I have dedicated emails for many different things, I use disposable email addresses and I only use free domains TLD’s except for when I can catching spammers.

    I used to get those offers all the time, but not since I made all my WHOIS info private, I still get odd spam but mostly now they are from “you own XYZ.COM would you be interested in XY-Z384949943.COM or similar shit.

    “The domain is a 4 letter .com domain. It is not a word but it has good letters in it.

    I know the domain has a few deep-pocketed potential buyers and I will not let it go for less than 6-figures.”

    Really! Maybe I should be re-evaluating my domains!

    I searched DAN.COM for similar domains and found none of that syntax that cost more than $11k

    I own a couple of .EU domains with 2 characters, a .biz with 2 characters & another with 3 letters and a 5 or six .com that are similar to yours e.g. def2 (example, not owned by me). I never expected 6 figures for them, perhaps you can make an introduction to these deep pocketed individuals!! I do have one .US domain I would not let go for less than $130k (net) because I reckon with the right effort direct to end users I could easily get that.

    With regard to the person who has been contacting you, there is a term to describe them, TIME WASTER or maybe a stalker as you have a public profile. I bet they are from China.

    If someone is seriously interested in your domain they probably start with “How much do you want for your domain” and from there email you daily until you both come to an acceptable price.

    I was considering using DAN.COM to list my inventory, but I do not like a few things

    “The default starting offer sets the starting offers of all domain in your portfolio to the set price.”

    Every one of my domains has a different price based on my perception of it’s value, why the fck would I want a default starting value?

    I am not that impressed with the search option on DAN.COM, there is no browse option, a newly added option and the search seems very limited.

    If I owned a domain called 8V.com (which I do not) what search string would pull that up on the DAN search screen that a buyer put in, you have to put some text in the search bar you can’t just choose two letter domains with no search string.

    Also WTF is this on 8.com

    “I successfully uploaded 8.com into my undeveloped portfolio, and I am updating sales page of this domain, however I am not the real owner of this domain at all.”

    So does he not even have the right to sell, maybe he listed all my domains and will contact me when he gets a sale!

    I think they need to show the whole pathway for sellers, showing screens because the impression I got was not clear, for example am I obliged to offer monthly payments? I might create a fake account just to see it properly

    Other things I am not keen on at DAN.COM are the fact that they do not give you the option to write an elevator pitch.

    “The rest of the content is not changeable. We explicitly have made this choice as we optimize these pages on a weekly basis. This means that we continually track the conversion rates of those pages, and implement new features that attract potential buyers, leading to more buying actions.”

    WTF, How the hell are you going to optimise a page that has 99% of the same content, ( see end of message below) show me one keyword any listing page ranks for in Google.

    Anyone who has ever sold professionally knows you have to “sell the sizzle” of the bacon, If I take one of the .EU domains and I say

    By saying “perfect for corporate use under the X program” I am sowing the seed of an idea and adding a potential value they may not have thought of. I might say something like “this aged domain will rank well in Google and can be monetised to earn $5k a month with Google Adwords for lead generation”

    The only attractive thing at DAN.COM for me is commission is less than Sedo and because I do not have to have Sedo MLS 3rd parties who have only ever bought low ball $60 offers from GoDaddy who can fck right off, I will never sell via GoDaddy, not just the mad commission on MLS but just despise GoDaddy.

    So my conclusion is that it is best for me to knock up my own sales page and not use DAN.COM nameservers, that way if someone just comes to my domain I can knock up a sales page and not pay any commission, in other words, DAN.COM would only get commission if they sent me real customers.

    I can still use rent option via DAN.COM for simplicity, I guess that is why most people use them, just a redirect, I have been guilty of that with Sedo.

    Maybe that should be my new years resolution.


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  3. You seem to have some sort of error on your website, messages not appearing.

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